October 30, 2006

Baby Soul?

Well, actually, I do have something to add to the post below:
The ‘religion’ that I adhere to is not a dogmatic religion, as such. It’s more a belief system that I study.
It recognizes the evolution of the soul through reincarnation. The youngsters on earth at the moment [infant and baby souls] are becoming more and more in the minority as the planet matures and fewer and fewer souls are choosing to start their physical training here. The planet is looking tired—there’s a lot of work to do to rescue it from human intervention—and other, fresher planets are beckoning. But, those who’ve opted to start here are in it, most likely, for the long haul.

Anyhow, see if any of this sounds familiar:
Baby souls are, generally, very very sure of themselves. They see the world in black and white. Shadings of gray don’t come into the mix until they reach the mid to late stages of the young phase of existence.

Babies hold a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality. ‘You’re with us or you’re with the terrorists,’ is a very baby thing to say. Holding the view that patriotism consists of believing exactly what you’re told by the authorities is also a baby characteristic.

Rules are important—though not always followed by babies. They’re especially important for others to follow. Pretty much, though, babies follow their leaders without question. When they’re in a leading role, they expect to be followed unquestioningly, as well. If someone does raise a question they’re met with surprise and even hostility.

Now, don’t jump to conclusions. Baby souls aren’t bad any more than toddlers are bad. They’re simply inexperienced—just as baby personalities are. They need firm, mature hands to guide them and protect them. If they don't receive good guidance they can cause a lot of grief—even if they're not in positions of authority.

It’s extremely rare for baby souls to rise to political heights as Bush has done. Mostly, they prefer to be big fish in a small pond. The mayor or police chief of a small town or a cop walking a beat are more common venues for baby souls who reach for power.
And our jails and prisons house people of every soul age [infant, baby, young, mature and old] but the vast majority are younger rather than older. Again, their inexperience tends to get them into trouble.

Bush was more competitive than most, though. He got the Big Job—
If he is, as I’m guessing, a baby soul—he’s out of his depth. And, again because of his inexperience, he preferred to surround himself with yes-people rather than folks who could thoughtfully guide him in his decision making. As a result, the planet is in a world of trouble.

May we please choose a more mature soul at our next election. Luckily—as I mentioned earlier—babies don’t often aspire to high office.

And, believe me, more mature souls can cause a lot of damage, too. So, just because a candidate can see shades of gray doesn't necessarily mean we'll be out of the woods. It still falls to us to elect someone who can not only see the big picture but will act appropriately. After all, Nixon was [I think] a mature soul.
And Carter is old. He made mistakes when he was president, too—though he’s done great good since. And, arguably, he did much less harm while in office.

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