May 31, 2007

The Thinking Blogger

I had to think long and hard about this—first, about the sense that doing so may seem [in fact, may BE self-serving (see how great I am? I got nominated for this thing!)] and—second, when I finally did decide to participate, just who I would, in my turn, nominate.
First, thanks are in order to TomCat of Politics Plus for the nomination.

And, after much soul [and web] searching, the five nominations—in alphabetical order:

A Little Reality is a deeply thoughtful blog I often use as a touchstone to see if I’m overreacting to the latest outrage. Sadly, the answer is usually, ‘No.’

An Average American Patriot
offers much food for thought. He doesn’t seem to be a knee-jerk liberal [a definite plus to my way of thinking as I’m not in favor of knee-jerk anything] but a person who puts much thought into his writings.

Liverpool Subculture
is a refreshing blog that helps me maintain a sense of order and remember that there ARE things outside of the mess this country finds itself in. There are other countries out there [besides the US and Iraq] with 1] their own problems and 2] people with their own perspectives about how their worlds are faring.

Pissed on Politics is one of my first stops daily. I can always be provoked by Polishifter into thinking about an issue in a way I hadn’t before. Thanks Poli.

And, last but certainly not least, White Noise Insanity brings some semblance of sanity to this ol’ blogger. She, too, posts matters I hadn’t been aware of and points of view I hadn’t considered previously. Thanks, Kay.


PoliShifter said...

Hi Two Crows, thanks for the kind words...

So what is it I need to do since you tagged me? Do I go and post on 5 blogs for this award?

two crows said...

hey, Poli--
that's my understanding.
you link with the blog the nomination originated with and with the 5 you nominate.

an average american patriot said...

I wanted to Thank you Two Crows and make sure you got it. You remind me to link to you. My goal is equality to all and a completely unbiased analysis of every situation regardless of party.
Two crows!
I thank you immensely. I never heard of it but I will go right now and check it out. Where have you been? Pardon me if I do not block your comment because I take it as a honor. Thanks again!