May 30, 2007

The Answer to Global Warming: 'Never Mind'

This from the Washington Post:
A Full Tank of Hypocrisy
By Robert J. Samuelson -- Wednesday, May 30, 2007; Page A13

It's one of those delicious moments when Washington's hypocrisy is on full and unembarrassed display. On the one hand, some of America's leading politicians condemn high gasoline prices and contend that they stem from "gouging" by oil companies. On the other, many of the same politicians warn against global warming and implore us to curb our use of fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas.

Guess what: These crowd-pleasing proclamations are contradictory. Anyone fearful of global warming should cheer higher gasoline prices, because much higher prices represent precisely the sort of powerful incentive needed to push consumers toward more fuel-efficient vehicles and to persuade the auto industry to produce them in large numbers. Bravo for higher prices!
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TomCat said...

TC, as usual your logic is above reproach. I don't drive, so I avoid the primary effects. I just hate to see the secondary effects of the way these prices effect poor people, and I feel angry to see Big Oil laughing all the way between Dick Cheney's office and the bank.