May 28, 2007

Staying Involved

I posted this shortly after the election last November. Now, with things heating up for the next one--not to mention all the controversial votes going through Congress [backing down on the Iraqi deadlines, the pork-buffet 'crackdown' with loopholes big enough for a full-grown warthog to barrel through, the immigration shellgame and the fact that nothing is being done about torture which is, to my mind, the most immoral thing this administration has done to date] I think it's time to stick it up here again.

So, check out this site and start figuring out who you'd like to send back to DC and who you want to bench.
I found this site prior to the last election. Here you can vote on a number of issues and compare your views with votes by your state congress reps, senators and governors, on up the line to presidential candidates.

It's a great tool for keeping up on current issues, how your representatives [including your president] address your concerns, etc.
A great tool for keeping up to date with our reps and staying educated between elections.


TomCat said...

What a wonderful site. Thank you!!

two crows said...

yep. a great site that provides a great service. it sure helped me out during the last election--and I plan to use it from now on to keep track of what my reps are up to.