June 1, 2007

Once Again the White House Looks Busy and Does Nothing

As the World Warms, the White House Aspires

By Dana Milbank -- Friday, June 1, 2007

Yesterday, as the temperature pushed toward 90 degrees in the capital, global warming caused a meltdown in the Bush administration's message machine.
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This president, who has decided that last November's election means the people of the country believe he's on the right course in everything he does [including the war in Iraq] came out against global warming -- kind of. Basically, he declared that it's a Bad Thing-- one he plans to do nothing about-- except engage in Double Speak.


an average patriot said...

They are brain dead or atleast it would appear that way to us but after these jerks destroy out environment and our America they will flee to safety. Bush didn't buy 1,500 acres in Paraguay for nothing.
It happens to sit over the Gurana aquifer, one of the safest and largest in the world. Across the way in Argentina his friend Ted Turner bought 100,000 acres. The afluent are buying land in the area left and right. I wrote on it a couple of times a month or two ago.

two crows said...

those who can afford to are apparently running for cover and leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves.
what a great way to govern a country.

TomCat said...

It's wouldn't surprise me to see Bush appoint Tom DeLay as his global warming czar. It would put delaying tactics in a whole new light.