November 9, 2006

The Attacks Begin

Yesterday on C-Span, I heard some pretty preposterous statements.
First, a woman came out for ‘protecting marriage.’
**sigh** THAT old saw.
I’m sorry, evidence suggests that marriage has been around at least as long as agriculture, What is that—about 12 thousand years? I don’t think marriage is in any danger. In fact, it’s not under attack. Some folks who’ve been excluded just want to be allowed into the tent.
On the other hand, our way of life is in danger when bigotry and discrimination are allowed to flourish.

Then, a man said: ‘When Democrats get power they reach across the aisle and say they want to get things done. Well, we need to not be taken in.’
Oh. My. God. We know that Republicans have refused to work with the Democrats at all—freezing them out of the decision making processes. I had always perceived that as simple vindictiveness. Now, it sounds as if they actually see that as a Good Thing and look at Democrats who want to extend the olive branch as if they are engaging in trickery.

This man sounded as if he was disappointed that the Democrats might even accept participation by the Republicans. I don't understand that mindset.
So, the Republicans are speaking out AGAINST moving Washington back into a cooperative mode? WHAT do they think Tuesday’s message from the people was? That we want more business as usual? The hubris just doesn’t stop.

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