January 29, 2007

Galloping Back to the Point

When I began my first blog [ scattershot thoughts] the idea was to promote acceptance, tolerance, call it what you will, among people.

Then, I got caught up in the direction the country seemed to be going, got scared and got seduced away from the original message: ‘We’re All In This Together’. Put another way, as only Ben Franklin could, ‘We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.’

In Franklin’s time that statement was meant literally. The British WOULD have hanged the troublemakers if they had caught them. Today, the threats are less tangible—but no less real.
We MUST find common ground or, assuredly, there will be no ground left to stand on.
The two messages [acceptance of one another and good government] are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are interconnected. And both deserve to be—must be—acknowledged.


TomCat said...
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TomCat said...

TC, I think you have raised a very valid point. Most of the people in this country want essentially the same things. Unfortunately, many have been duped to believe that following Bush was the best way to achieve them and fail to realize that Bush does not want acceptance or tolerance between people. He would divide us to play us off against one another. Probably the environment is the issue where we most need to come together as a world united.

two crows said...

imnsho, if we don't take care of the environment, the rest is moot -- we won't be here to deal with the other issues.
that's why I went to Gore's website on saturday and begged him to run for pres. he has the vision and the passion to do what is needed.
acourse, the deep-pockets will pull out all the stops against him-- but he might still be able to turn us around.

I don't see evidence that anyone else will try --

PoliShifter said...

If we cannot accept each other we at least need to tolerate each other.

Tolerance is something the right wing tools are short on.

Take some asshole like Dick Cheney. He has a lesbian daughter who is having a baby with another woman. He's a proud Grandpa and looks forward to another grandkid.

There seems to be some sort of blackout preventing the rightwing media from covering this. Some, such as Focus on the Family are a little ticked off.

But the bottom line is that these Repigs will tolerate when one of their own is gay but if a Democrat or Liberal is gay it becomes a talking point to be picked at like a loose scab.

If only those Republicans who are tolerating Cheney's Daughter could afford some of that tolerance for the rest of us.

two crows said...

Amen, Poli--
gays, people of different races, different religions, different ANYTHING -- it's all the same, really.

we CAN all live together in peace if we only WILL.
but, people seem intent on pulling the fabric apart -- doing things like making wars on THE OTHER -- whoever that might be. or murdering the other. or casting aspersions.

every person is different from every other person in some way. we CHOOSE whether to focus on ways we are the same or ways we are different.