November 26, 2006

The Latest Stunt

Senator Brownback was on This Week with George Stephanopolous this morning. He was coy—but it’s obvious, he’s planning a try for the White House.
And, how is he kicking off his campaign? With a political stunt.
He’s planning to take an AIDS test and spend a night in prison.
THAT should solve our nation’s problems, right?

Meanwhile, he’s coupling in peoples’ minds the issues of AIDS and prison.
HELLO, Senator!!! There is NO correlation between being exposed to HIV and going to prison. Unless, of course YOU want to make it illegal to have sex.


TomCat said...

AIDS in has much higher incidence in prisons, because inmates have no access condoms. As for Brownback, I hope he gets Foley as a cellie. ;-)

two crows said...

wherever he goes, bank on it, it will be Club Fed -- where 'hard labor' consists of mulching the flower beds. he'll be there one night.
the tax payers will pick up the tabs for both the unnecessary AIDS test and the night in prison--all so he can say to the people: 'See what a great public servant I am? I'll leave no depth unplumbed when it comes to looking as if I'm doing something.'

DimitrizZzZz said...

lets hope for some mistake that will leave him in prison for more than 1 night.

PS. word verification is so boring :P

two crows said...

oh, yes--
that's one time when I could get behind a clumsy bureaucracy!
if they lost him for a month or 2, I wouldn't argue.
I do apologize for the word verification but after I was bot-spammed TWICE in 2 months [the second left 358 irrelevant comments in one hour] I decided 'never again'.