November 25, 2006


Last night, on Washington Week on PBS I heard several soundbytes that were too strange to let pass:
Each of the last several weeks has successively been described as the ‘bloodiest yet’ in Iraq—obviously, things just keep getting worse. This time, among other atrocities, six people were burned alive. And our government just keeps staying the course—though they no longer use the phrase. As if we’re not supposed to notice the lack of change in policy despite worsening conditions.
Here, though, are the Oxymorons:
1] Bush says things are ‘better than ever’ in Iraq.
Meanwhile, he is planning a trip to the region. To
Jordan. The reason? He doesn’t DARE go to Iraq—where things are, ‘better than they’ve ever been.’
2] Bush says he has an ‘Open Mind’ concerning policies in the region.
Well, what can I say? THAT’S certainly a first—assuming it were true—which I am not about to aassume.
3] Bush says he’s going to ‘Listen’ to the other heads of state.
Bush? Listen? I don’t think so.
For all the good it did, before we started out on this misadventure, I protested against going to war.
Then, after we got in there, I moved to the position of:
'Well, we're in the soup now--we have to stay. To abandon the people to their fate after we've totally screwed up their country would be wrong.'
Now, I've shifted again:
I believe we have to get out and we have to get out NOW. Even the most moderate Iraqis don't want us there. That is, after all, the bottom line. It's their country. It's their choice.

If I were a politician, my opponents would call me a 'flip-flopper', I suppose.
Luckily, since I'm not a politician, I'm allowed to change my mind as conditions change without being attacked for doing so.


TomCat said...

1) One must remember Bush's courage. Consider that unlike Iraq, he gas a plan to get out of Vietnam.

2) In one sense, Bush does have an pen mind. Consider that a sieve is open.

3)From the Bush-Speak Dictionary:
Listen = Appear attentive while pondering the great unsolved mystery of understanding 'My Pet Goat'.

To understand the 'Oxymorons' of the Bush regime, just take away the 'Oxy'.

two crows said...

1] yep. under the current circumstances, wish he'd stuck with his Vietnam plan: 'Just say no'.

2] open with a bit of substance in it would better serve the office of the prez, tho.

3] that video of the 'My Pet Goat' incident is just pathetic.
after THAT performance he was actually elected?
the Amerikan people got exactly what they deserved.
meanwhile, when I move, I'm STILL debating whether to go to my originally planned destination or skip the country completely.

TomCat said...

Personally, I think the country is better of with you in it.

two crows said...

gee **blush** thanks!