January 24, 2007

Tonight's Three Contenders

Olbermann;s awards for the "Worst Person in the World":
The bronze goes to editor Bill Kristol of the “Weekly Standard,” [only the bronze?]
Then, 'the “Washington Times,” its magazine “Insight,” Fox and its . . . cousin the “New York Post.” The magazine quoted an unnamed source which claimed Senator Obama had, when he was six years old, attended a Muslim madrassa.'

That's Bill Kristol of the 'Weekly Double Standard'?
And, well, I guess Olberman got it right, after all. Fox and The Washington Times should have been first, after all.
My apologies.
Here's the clip .

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TomCat said...

Good old Moonie News. Even worse that that, both they and FAUX Noise tried to blame the story on Hillary.