January 30, 2007

Hypocrisy in Media

Olberman of MSNBC was recently targeted by someone who sent him a powdery substance in the mail.
He followed company policy and reported it to the authorities. Then, The New York Post held him up to ridicule after being asked by the FBI not to release the story.
See here for Olberman's version of the incident after The NY Post broke the story despite the FBI's request.
Once again, the Radical Right puts playing politics ahead of national security, patriotism or simple human decency.


TomCat said...

Keith will always be a target. He is the only progressive on TV with his own hour-long show to counter the many right-wing parrots.

two crows said...

he's not the only target.
as Olberman stated in his commentary--The NY Post's own reporter and photographer had been kidnapped some weeks earlier.
when MSNBC was asked to sit on the story so as not to put their lives in even more jeopardy, it complied.

when the NY Post was asked to do the same, it ignored the request and undermined the investigation in order to play politics.

TomCat said...

Hmmm.... Intersting. I missed that. Thanks!