January 21, 2007

The Kiss of Death Embraced

These days, the R word is cyanide.
This morning on Meet the Press, McCain said: 'I'm a conservative Republican.'
Exclusive! You heard it here first, folks! A presidential candidate is a Republican!


Larry said...

McCain is a huge phony. He acts like he is so independent, Bush guts him like a fish in the 2000 primary, leaves him in the gutter for dead, and not he is licking on Bush's earlobes every chance he gets.

The devil sold his soul to another devil.

two crows said...

he used to act independent -- till he got White House fever.
when he locked himself in a back room to debate what the definition of 'torture' is and, later, how much torture is 'too much' he lost all possibility of salvation, to my way of thinking.

TomCat said...

TC, I had the same experience. I used to have some respect for him before he sold out on torture. Then when he inserted his nose firmly between W's cheeks on escalation, he sealed his own doom.