January 20, 2007

NewsMax! I Didn't Know You Cared!

I opened my copy of Washington Post.com today to find an ad placed by NewsMax, of all things!
Fwiw, NewsMax is a fairly strident conservative newsletter that I subscribed to until recently when I'd had enough for a while. Aamof--I've been thinking about starting my subscription up again--just haven't gotten my round tuit, yet.
Anyway, today's ad featured photos of Obama and Clinton [fairly unflattering photos at that -- certainly, nothing we'll be seeing on THEIR literature and fliers] and asking people to vote for one of them in a straw poll.
Now, I think we can all agree that NewsMax would cringe if either of these two folks landed in the White House. So, I'm thinking about taking my life in my hands, clicking on the link and seeing what I can discover.

If I'm not back by dinner time, send the dogs out after me, ok? :)


two crows said...

I made it in and out without a scratch--

2 interesting things happened, tho:
1] when I clicked on the voter's link offered in Wash Post, it took me to a dead site.
so, I went on over to newsmax's official site and
2] while there I saw a pretty tasteless ad.
a company was pushing a 'memory enhancement book' in which you can learn memory tricks practiced by celebrities. whose pictures do you suppose were featured on the ad? Ronald Reagan's and G.W. Bush's.
I passed on buying the book. . . .

TomCat said...

You survived. Find any of interest?

two crows said...

no interesting ads, if that's your question.

went ahead an resubscribed tho --
so, my posts are going to start being peppered with thoughts [and I use the term loosely] from the likes of NewsMax again.

TomCat said...

I'm not sure if that's good or bad. ;-) I read the Tom DeLay blog for the same reasons.

Sorry for the typo. It was supposed to be 'anything'.