March 29, 2007

They're At It Again--The Walter Reed Scandal

Obviously, I'm behind the ball here--I've been so out of touch.
Still, this merits attention--so in case some have missed it, here's the link to an article in the New York Times.
'For all its cries of "support the troops," the Bush administration has treated veterans' medical care the same way it treats everything else: nickel-and-diming the needy, protecting the incompetent, and privatizing everything it can.

'What makes this a particular shame is that in the Clinton years, veterans' health care — like the Federal Emergency Management Agency — became a shining example of how good leadership can revitalize a troubled government program. By the early years of this decade, the Veterans Health Administration was, by many measures, providing the highest-quality health care in America. (It probably still is: Walter Reed is a military facility, not run by the VHA.)

'But as with FEMA, the Bush administration has done all it can to undermine that achievement.'

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TomCat said...

Bush's conservatism is only compassionate to those he can use to his advantage. Once a hero is too maimed to be cannon fodder, the compassion is gone.