February 17, 2007

Unscrupulous Big Businesses--forgive the redundancy

I can't believe this--
and I'm sending this out both as a general gripe AND as a warning for folks who either own businesses or might own businesses some day--to be alert for this sort of scam:

Some years ago, I listed my small counseling practice in the yellow pages.
It did me no good and cost an exhorbitant amount, so I quit after a year or two. But I got on mailing lists I never wanted.
I began receiving magazines. Lots and lots and lots of magazines.
Obviously, the companies thought I was some big counseling organization that had things like waiting rooms and such. Well, no. . . .
I read a couple of the magazines, like news mags, gardening, home decor, etc.
Most, though, I either found people who would appreciate them among my clients and friends or sent directly to the recycling bin.
Not having asked for them, I didn't see that I was under any obligation to cancel them--except for The Wall Street Journal which was coming daily and was an extravagant waste of paper.

So--shortly before I moved and at least a year after it quit coming, I received a SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL/NEW ORDER FORM which ESPN Magazine had the audacity to send along with a postage-due return envelope —just as if it was a bill.
Obviously, they're hoping it will arrive in some impersonal bill-paying office where the employees will not know or care that the magazine was never ordered and will simply pay the "bill".
Unfortunately for them, the bill-paying office in this agency is staffed by the owner/operator/service-provider/CEO who knows full well that the magazine WAS NEVER ORDERED!

I can't believe the audacity of big business, these days!
I can't believe this- - - -
**walking away shaking head and muttering to self incoherently**


Women on the Verge said...

They can't seem to stop stooping even lower...


TomCat said...

Ahhhh.... the magazine business. I've heard of this one before.

Catmoves said...

This might help: A few months ago I complained to the mail man about the humongous amount of advertising I was getting. He told me something I've been using ever since. If I don't want the mail and don't want to hear from the company, I simply draw a thick black line through my name and address on the envelope and pop it back in the mailbox. Works for me. In the event the mail is opened I write in black letters on the offer words to the effect: "NAH!" and mail it back in the postage paid envelope. Sometimes I use the letter with my name and address, other times I don't It's my little "get even" protest. After all, they have to pay the postage.

PoliShifter said...

There's this prevailing wisdom by the corporate shysters out there that is you send people a bill, 30% of them will pay it without thinking twice about it.

Our world is becoming one big scam from gummint on down.

Well, one could argue it's always been that way I suppose.

two crows said...

hey, Catmoves--
yep. I use that trick, too.
sometimes, when I receive several come-ons in the
same batch of mail, I'll take the fliers from one
'offer' and stick em in the envelope for another
[after removing my name and address]. let them deal with EACH OTHER'S mail! AND pay the postage both ways-----

two crows said...

and, Poli--
yep, I believe it HAS always been that way.

when people moan about the 'good old days' I become very, very skeptical. I doubt they were all that good, actually.

Larry said...

It's sad to say but business in most every form are all similar in nature and in their tactics.

The ones who treat you right, are the ones who wll last the longest.