April 2, 2007

The Boy in the Bubble

He believes it.
He really does.

Bush believes if he wishes hard enough, what he wishes for will come true.
He believes that the next two years will be a coast with Congress as his personal lap dog--even though it's currently in the hands of the opposition party.
He believes that he’ll be able to just keep doing what he’s been doing in Iraq.
He believes that, if he just keeps saying, ‘I never said, ‘Stay the course,’ we’ll believe him. Probably, by now, he actually believes he never said it.
He believes the economy across the board is in great shape. That his tax cuts helped raise the standards of living for everyone.
He believes his poll numbers are just fine, thankyouverymuch.
He believes he has a mandate to govern this country the way he chooses and no one will ever stand up and say enough.
He believes he doesn’t torture.
He believes everyone agrees that it’s in the best interests of this country to eavesdrop on it’s citizens.
He believes such a move IS in the best interests of the country.
He believes that denying justice in the name of justice is logical.
He believes it is more dignified and humane to dump blastocysts into biohazard bags and throw them in the trash than to use them to alleviate suffering.
He believes people should get married. That is, they should marry if they conform to his idea of people who deserve to do so.
He believes if he just keeps saying the same thing over and over and over, we’ll believe him.
He believes that what this country needs is a dictator.
He believes that the rest of us should just sit back and let him and his other 3 horsemen do what they will to this country.
He believes he is the best thing that ever happened to this country.
He believes God wants him to be president.

And who can contradict him?
After all, he coasted through school, binge drank, used cocain and---graduated [I think].
He managed to stay out of Viet Nam and have a comfortable post right here in the States. Daddy took care of it.
He ran [how many? Three?] businesses into the ground and his daddy bailed him out each time. Daddy will take care of him and bail him out when he runs the country into the ground, too. Right?

All those yes-men he has surrounded himself with tell him to go back to sleep—everything will be fine in the morning.
He believes them. After all, when he looks around HIS world is doing just fine. Right?

Sure, everythings fine for him—so, by definition, everything is fine for everyone. Right? Right?


Larry said...

I'm not sure Bush believes those things, he certainly doesn't care what is good for most Americans, its more like he could care less.

Bush has gotten everything he wanted for the past 6 years.

Why should we think the next 2 will be any different?


TomCat said...

Following that same logic (or lack thereof), I'll try it. I bekieve that Bush is impeached, convicted, evicted, charged, convicted, and incarcerated.

two crows said...

yeah, TC--
let's all use the Tinkerbell Principal.
we'll clap our hands and BELIEVE!!!

ok -- is he convicted yet?

PoliShifter said...

I think Bush just doesn't give a shit.

He had a job to do: Rob the treasury and create a favorable environment for his crony corporate buddies.

That's all he cares about. He's set for life. He could give a shit about America, Americans, and our way of life.

He'll be living large as soon as his Presidency is over with an estate in Paraguay and one of those luxury homes on the Palm Islands in the U.A.E.

I think the only thing Bush thinks about seriously right now is how many more days in office until he can ride his bike daily.