April 6, 2007

Please Write Your Senators!

Hey, folks--
I'm trying to get my very own ground-swell going here:
it seems there's a pharmaceutical company that has developed a vaccine for radiation poisoning. It would protect the population if a dirty bomb were to be set off in the vicinity. It is safe to store in your home and self-administer in case of an emergency. [A dirty bomb would leave most of the population alive--until they died of radiation exposure OR lived long enough to have children who were prone to leukemia and other immunodeficiency diseases].

And the government, in its wisdom, has ordered that 100,000 doses of the vaccine be developed. That ought to be enough to cover them and their immediate families, right?
It is probable that at least one dirty bomb WILL be set off in the US in the foreseeable future--and there's no telling where. And, given Al Quida's penchant for multiple strikes, several cities could be wiped out simultaneously.

I sent an email to each of my senators recently to tell them to get on the ball with this vaccine--to make enough for the general population and get it out to us.

PLEASE act on this and ask others to join in. Let the government know we won't just sit here and let this preventable catastrophe happen.

For your convenience, I'm enclosing a copy of the email I sent them. You can simply copy and paste it or you can write your own.
You can google the names of your senators to get to their websites, then send a ms through their 'contact me' page.

Thanx, Anne

Dear Senator _____________:

During the Cold War, the Mutually Assured Destruction nature of the situation kept the most horrible weapons ever developed from being used.

MAD no longer exists in today's political climate. Someone could place a dirty bomb in Downtown Anywhere and be on a plane hours before it detonated.

Now, we're told, a vaccine that could protect the populace from radiation poisoning is available. This medication could be safely self-administered in an emergency. If it were made available to the general public BEFORE such an occurrence, hospitals could concentrate on the people who were affected by the blast of the bomb--not have to deal with the people [probably numbering in the millions] who were affected by the dispersed fallout.

Strangely, the government has ordered that 100,000 doses of this vaccine be manufactured. That number of doses might cover the people in the top levels of government and their families. Yet, what use is a government without a population to govern?

Please bring this issue to the Senate for discussion and immediate action.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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TomCat said...

Hi TC. I already have.

I haven't deserted you here. Been sick amd barely keeping up my own.

Happy Easter.