May 17, 2007

Bush & Co. Squandered Their Legacy

I lifted this pic from Down With Tyranny. In the first, the red states are those that voted for BushCo in 2004. The second figure shows [in red] those states that still back Bush by more than 50% of the people polled. Click the link for a very informative article.

One thing is certain: BushCo has singlehandedly delivered the country to the Democrats for the foreseeable future.
Thanks, BushCo. The Dems couldn't have done it without you.

Now, I just hope they know what to do with it once they've got it.
If they demonstrate the same sort of hubris when they take back the power as the Bush administration has shown [or even what the Dems, themselves, have demonstrated in the past] , our country will be in an even bigger world of trouble than it is now.
And that's saying something.


TomCat said...

Their legacy was based of fear and lies. It could not survive, because it had no substance.

PoliShifter said...

It would certainly help if our Democratic leaders came out stronger against the war, stronger for getting us out, and stronger on investigating all the crimes BushCo has created.

For now they have an excuse: They don't have the votes in the Senate.

But if in 2008 we pick up more seats in the House and Senate and a Democratic President, they will have no excuse.

It will be up to us to hold their feet to the fire.

And if they don't perform, it may be serious time to consider a third party.

My other blog The Peoples' Party is what that's about.

two crows said...

I absolutely agree, Poli.
BushCo being out of office will NOT be enough. They must be prosecuted for their crimes--or what's a judicial process for?

If this country settles for voting the culprits out and letting it go at that, we send a terrible message to the entire world: if you have enough money and enough clout you can get away with anything in this country.
To a certain degree that's true, of course, and always has been. BushCo has simply taken that truism to its logical extreme. It is way past time for us to change that status quo.
And the time to start that process is now.