May 13, 2007

McCain, Trying [and Lying] Again

Once again, McCain was on Meet The Press this morning. [Wasn't he on that program just last week or the week before?]
Russert confronted him with the accounts that people were killed shortly after his walk in the market in Baghdad. He denied it, saying instead that a suicide bomber had attacked the market shortly before he took his fabled stroll [aka photo op].

He also said that he didn't want to be surrounded by the troops and have the helicopter circling overhead that many people have found to be at odds with his assertion that, 'Baghdad is safe.' The army made him do it.
These lies are so transparent that they can't possibly be designed to deceive.

The fact is, there is no way he would have been allowed to walk through a market that had just been bombed. The people who were responsible for his safety would never have permitted it.
Actually, truth be told, an armed detail had to have swept through with bomb-squads, detonation devices, bomb-sniffing dogs, etc. etc. ad nauseum before his little jaunt. Not to do so would have amounted to criminal negligence on the part of the armed forces.

And, if he had chosen and been allowed to walk through such a bomb-site only an enormous fool could possibly want to do so without security measures being taken. Is he such a magalomaniac that he helieves he is bullet- proof?

Today, he said that he never said, 'Baghdad is safe' [despite what those pesky videotapes show]. He's saying that he has said, Baghdad is safer than it once was.
Ummmmm----when was that, Mr. McCain? Before or after WE arrived?
And how do you square the word 'safe' in either sense if, as you now assert, you were walking through a market where a bomb had just been detonated?
But, hey--he has seen Bush can put out the bald-faced lie and consistently get away with it. Why can't he???
And at the end of the interview, when confronted with the idea that he is perceived as being too old to run for President, he made the absurd statement, 'I have great energy. I work 24/7.'

Oh, THAT explains it! People who do not sleep begin hallucinating.
Maybe he actually believes the preposterous things he says.
So now the question arises: Do we really want a sleep-deprived schizophrenic as our President?

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TomCat said...

I, for one would love to see McCain take his unescorted walk through friendly Baghdad.