June 5, 2007

Lying for Jesus [sic]

The next time someone comes at me ranting about the ‘liberal media’ I’m going to refer them to the program I saw today:
My TV’s menu listed a show called, ‘The Theory of Everything.’ When I keyed up the info button it described the program as a documentary. Imagine my surprise when I checked out the program and saw a mother and daughter decorating a Christmas tree while the mother argued with her husband. Moments later, the husband was in a near-miss car collision. He shakily pulled off the road, walked into a church where the choir was singing a carol. He knelt down and said a prayer 'in Jesus [sic] name’.

Where did whoever listed this thing get off naming it after a scientific theory and calling it a documentary?

So much for that show-- I switched over to the Star Trek auction. If a show is going to spout goodness and light, I much prefer Star Trek’s version to this drivel. At least the producers, staff and cast admitted what they were doing: putting on morality plays set in the future. They called them SCIENCE FICTION. They didn’t call them documentaries.

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TomCat said...

Science fiction, at its worst has entertainment as its intent. At its best, it extends present day problems into hypothetical futers to inspire thought. Theocon documentaries are to brainwash.