July 19, 2007

Change in Policy

Hey, folks:
As some of you know, my first blog was hit by two sets of bot-spam a couple of years ago. [More than 550 irrelevant comments were posted overnight on 2 separate occasions.] The second prompted me to close that blog and start this one.
When I began the new one, I set it up so that I had to pass muster on each comment before it would appear. That method worked well until recently because I was almost always home and online.
Since I've moved to Florida, though, things have changed. I'm away from home more often and simply not in a position to monitor comments as I used to be.
For 1100+ obvious reasons, I'm not willing to leave the comments completely unprotected--so I'm turning to you. I know I hate to type in the verification code [it's almost always rejected the first time tho I'm certain I typed it correctly (rrrggghhhhhhhh!)] and, I imagine you're not fond of it either. But I'm setting it up here anyway.
I beg your indulgence and patience when blogspot doesn't accept your code. Please blame those folks who have nothing better to do than bot-spam blogs-- and please keep posting those thoughtful comments the rest of you leave here. They are very much appreciated one and all.
two crows.


an average patriot said...

two crows
I appreciate your reason for setting your site up this way. i hope I am never bothered like you were. That double verification is annoying but I just thought it was a glitch. At any rate it is no biggie.
I don't know how you initiated it but now you have me curious as to whether or not I inadvertantly hit something on my own Blog because lately every story I write I have to rtype the code even though I put it in right. Do you have any thoughts on that?

two crows said...

hey, AP--
first, my spam blocker got over enthusiastic [again] and bounced the email you sent me. I retrieved it from my mail-jail and has landed in my email server now.
I imagine the fact that blogspot doesn't accept the verification code is a glitch. and, yes, it's annoying.
I'm not sure what you mean in your 2nd paragraph. I know that when I publish a post, I don't need to type in a code to get it to publish.
do you have to do that? if so, I'm sure there's a way to turn that option off-- but I don't know what it is.

TomCat said...

TC, I think this is an improvement. Bots can't get by it, and you'll get more comments.

I know exactly what you mean about the word verification being flaky, but what can you do?

2nd attempt. :-(

two crows said...

hey, Tom--
I'm not so sure about getting more comments. the reason I set it up the other way to start with was because I did the work rather than making commentors do it.

but with my social life picking up, people were beginning to wait hours, sometimes, before their comments were posted--and that wasn't fair to them.

either way is bad-- but the bot spammers make things bad all round.

TomCat said...

Tis true. They do. Sometimes oommentors comment on comments. Now they can see them as soon as they're posted. :-)

PoliShifter said...

I guess you can always go Haloscan but so far I have decided against that as well.

It's really a shame that the internet has come to this.

I wish some group of galliant Robin Hood type hackers would just obliterate these spammers.

two crows said...

ok, Poli--
I keep thinking I'm up on the latest tech then someone comes along and bursts my bubble.

what the hey is haloscan?

TomCat said...

Haloscan is an alternate comment engine to Blogger's. I think Mentarch uses it.

Anonymous said...

Hey I love verification codes!

two crows said...

hiya kvatch--
wish I could say the same.
but it's that or put up with the bot spammers.

maybe I did something at my last blog to hack someone off-- I still don't know. I'm pretty sure it was the same person both times.