July 16, 2007

Fox Telling It Like It Is? What's the Date?

Interestingly, Fox ends with the statement that some people in the audience disagreed with the presentation -- but **ahem** they couldn't get any of those folks to voice their opinions.

Yeah, right -- I've never found folks who disagreed with progressives to hold their peace. Have you?


TomCat said...

Great vid, TC. Perhaps the chickenhawks were afraid of the marines.

Check out today's top message at my place.

Larry said...

Maybe they passed out their neocon kool-aid before asking them questions.

We all know that doesn't make people think clearly.

Alien Citizen said...

Wow. I have so much respect for those soldiers who are putting everything on the line to tell the truth about what is going on over there. Sure, some are being formally investigated but I imagine many more are going to get grief and abuse from colleagues and commanders when they return to duty. Soldiers need to depend on each other for their lives so that's no small matter. But they should be proud...Doing the right thing is never easy.

two crows said...

hey, all--
sorry it took so long to get these posted.
I went to my cousins' home today. got lost, got myself found [WITHOUT screaming for help :) ] then, on the way home, landed in the middle of a 'florida shower' [a rainstorm so intense I couldn't see the road and had to pull over for more than 1/2 hr to wait it out.
I'm wiped out and won't be doing much in the way of blog rounds today.
anyhow--here they are, finally:
thx, TC-- I saw the schmooze.
my guess is that FOX couldn't find anyone who disagreed, try as they might, so they trotted out this lame excuse.
yes, AC
it was a powerful piece of street theater and I was amazed at the risk these soldiers were taking by putting it on.
wouldn't be surprised if they get censured or worse.
what they did took real courage. as opposed to sending other peoples' kids to fight in a war started by a pack of lies.

an average patriot said...

Two Crows
I never saw that, I wonder why? That was really good. Like you I know there is no way that people would have refrained if they disagreed. I am surprised Fox aired that in the first place.
We must get the truth out in every respect. All these lies in every instance today are designed as you know to be detrimental to "our America and world order" while Bush emplaces his.

two crows said...

yep. like you, I was amazed that FOX covered this protest at all. maybe they're trying to stir up the ultra-cons to vilify the protest and the marines involved in it. if so, they may get a surprise-- seeing as how the majority of Americans are now against the war-- even 42% [last I heard] among conservatives.