July 30, 2007

I imagine I'll be offline most of the day, today. Doing some wallpapering. Hmmm--- I'll probably be off for several days.


pissed off patricia said...

I'm off line about a half day every day lately due to heavy afternoon thunder storms.

Good Luck with the wallpaper :)

two crows said...

hey PoP--
are you in fla, too?
when I'm not offline due to working on the house, I'm off due to water in the cable-box. :(

and, after posting this I got to thinking -- do I _want_ to do stuff to the house right now? what if I decide to sell in a hurry so I can light out for Mexico? a half-wallpapered room won't be much of a selling point.
but, if Bush pulls the stunt I'm afraid he's going to pull, I doubt that buying a new home will be real high on many people's priorities, anyway.

I don't know _what_ to do right now. so I've just been monitoring the news.

Larry said...

Don't forget your way back Two Crows.

PoliShifter said...

Hey, good luck with the wall papering...don't go Lucy and Ethyl on your walls...

an average patriot said...

good Luck with the wallpapering two crows. Take your time. We'll be here when you are done.

two crows said...

thanx for your good wishes, all--
I brought all the tools in from the shed and tore up the room--then froze.
what if Bush pulls the big one after I've textured the walls??? or worse, while it's half done?

then the modem went off again. just came back on-- for no reason than I can fathom.

so, so much for today-------
if Congress would just impeach Cheney and Bush, I could get my house decorated. LOL :D

TomCat said...

I hope you didn't post the two above this one from behind the wallpaper. ;-)

two crows said...

hee hee TC--
I bit the bullet, finally. and it's coming out lovely--
so far.

it's a wall-texturing technique. take sheets of newsprint. tear them into irregularly sized and shaped pieces. crumple em up and toss em in a trash sack. leave to sit at least overnight. then, uncrumple, slather on the wallpaper paste and put em on the wall. do a little wrinkling and, voila -- off white, mottled, textured walls with a distinctly old-world look.
it's a modification of something I saw on tv using paper bags. I've used that method before. and I think I'm gonna like this one even more.

and, no, I didn't paste myself to the wall-- yet.
I may have to wash the keyboard. my fingers do get sticky. :)

TomCat said...

I'm pleased that it's coming out well.

two crows said...

thx TC--
even better than I'd hoped. the w-paper paste darkens the paper-- it looks like old plaster. JUST the look I was hoping for!
and, Polishifter--
I just reread your post and realized there's more than one way to take it.
before my 1st wallpapering venture, the only experience I had was watching it done on the 'I love Lucy' show. :)
and then, there's Ethel's description of her husband and his bout with the lavender paint.

hope I can avoid both those scenarios -- tho I have to admit, my right foot got a bit sticky tonight. had to hop to the kitchen for a washcloth.