July 9, 2007

The 'I' Word!

The MSM did it, folks!
Yesterday, a Congressman [sorry, I don't remember who-- just that he was a Democrat] said on Today with George Stephanopolous that 58% and 43% of the population of the country reported to pollsters that they are in favor of impeaching Cheney and Bush respectively.

While he was quick to back-pedal when asked if he would support such a move, he couldn't unring that bell. The WORD was out there on network TV for all to hear. He actually said the word, 'Impeachment' without adding the phrase, 'Off the table' in the same sentence.


Alien Citizen said...

That's great, 2 Crows. I can only hope that Pelosi and friends will maybe actually listen. Why do you think Pelosi isn't willing to keep impeachment on "the table"? Does she think this would ultimately hurt democrats come election time? There is plenty of evidence of impeachable offenses even without republicans having already set the bar so low for impeachment proceedings. Clinton's Hollywood-style lies, about who he was taking off his pants for, were not quite the same as killing 650,000+ civilians in a country that hadn't attacked us and lying to the American people to get their pseudo-consent to do so.

two crows said...

hey, a c--
well, I think Pelosi thinks it may serve her poorly to be seen pushing for impeachment of Bush AND Cheney when she is next in line for the presidency.

still, I think she has misread the people if she thinks taking impeachment off the table is what we want her to do.
I think she should at least step aside and allow others to carry the ball if she is too timid to do so.

two crows said...

oh, btw, a c--
I'm going to be posting my 5 picks for the Thinking Blogger's Award soon and you're on the list.

Please check back soon for instructions if you haven't been nominated before. When I've got my post up here, I'll leave a note on your blog, as well.

TomCat said...

TC, it was Conyers in the context of executive privilege. It was the barest hint of a threat.