July 6, 2007

The Latest Poll

msnbc.com's latest poll shows Bush's numbers continuing to plummet. No surprise there.
And so are Congress' numbers.
Hey, folks! WHEN are you going to get it? You keep giving Bush every little thing he wants and the country WILL NOT give you what you want come November, 2008! HELLO!
Click here for the latest poll results.


TomCat said...

Does this mean we have to start callng the 28ers the 26ers?

Robert Rouse said...

Hey, I was looking at your Gross National Debt counter and you're right, it is GROSS!

two crows said...

the numbers may be low but I still have to marvel that more than ONE QUARTER of the population is still, stubbornly, asleep.
when the hell will they WAKE UP? when the jack boots go marching down their block???