July 22, 2007

Not the First Time

Recently I reminded myself: we've been here before. Remember McCarthy? Remember Nixon?
This is a dark time, no doubt about it. And it's not the first.

This country has SO much to answer for-- not the least of which is the propaganda it spews every chance it gets about it being the greatest country on earth.
It's like Bush's lies that, he hopes, he can pass off as true if he just says them often enough.
Our country has a long tradition of doing exactly that.

So, I want to tell our entire government -- saying something day after day after day DOESN'T MAKE IT TRUE.
A country that commits genocide isn't great.
A country that experiments on it's [or any other country's] citizens isn't great.
A country that confines its citizens in concentration camps isn't great.
A country that tortures isn't great.
A country that consistently doesn't educate its citizens isn't great.
A country that is among the richest on the planet in which many of its children are hungry isn't great.
Need I go on?

When the current crisis is past we must do more, much more, than return to the status quo.
Addendum 7/23
This morning at 3:20, The History International Network made my point for me.
A profile of Hitler's early history noted the one characteristic of the US that he approved of and, in fact, sought to emulate: he thought the United States had carried out a wonderful calling by slaughtering the natives of this country, by enslaving them and driving the survivors into concentration camps and, eventually, reservations.

Oh, wonderful, our country received approval from Hitler. Something we can certainly be proud of. Yep--this proves how great this country is.


TomCat said...

A good start would be to join the World Court and extradite, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Gonzales and a few more.

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

not the least of which is the propaganda it spews every chance it gets about it being the greatest country in the world.

This really annoys everyone else in the world.

Good post!

I have an old post on my blog where I was rolling my eyes about this debate about the Mexicans and I received this response today. I haven't yet decided how to respond to this.

I dont think its that funny. The only reason so many mexicans are coming up here is because NAFTA devistated their farms and economy. We only allowed 59 Iraqis to move here last year.

And on another point. The Natives didn't create America. So if you agree with this cartoons insight then you must not like the constitution, electricity, cars, trains, plains, being the first country with a man on the moon, the millions of men who died stopping Nazi germany, radio, telephones, television. All of this was created by Americans. Please feel free to name some inventions created outside of america that you use on a daily basis.

If it hadnt been for the pilgramage "America" (or whatever it wouldve been called) would be another middle east

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

This person actually thinks that everything in the world was invented by the U.S.

The arrogance of our fellow citizens is mind boggling

Larry said...

Good one Two Crows and isn't it a shame our Democratic Congress refuse to see the items in your post.

two crows said...

right, TC

and, TA--
in response to that post I might cite indoor plumbing [Greece and Rome and Persia (now Iran)] which this
country didn't have until the 20th century. and aqueducts and cisterns -- ditto. and how about pottery jars? without them this country would never have been settled by the europeans in the first place.

two crows said...

hey, larry--
are you kidding? and upset the status quo? nah.

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

Thank you TCs!

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

I am in complete agreement with TomCat! :)

PoliShifter said...

Why do you hate America ;}

two crows said...

hey Poli--
it's love/hate -- there's plenty for each side.
anyone who 'loves' this country without questioning it is a sheeple. that's just imo, acourse.

two crows said...

totally agree, SQ--
and, as I hope this post makes clear, BushCo are the logical extension of what came before them-- from well before the time this country BECAME a country.

two crows said...

if you noted the addendum to this post:
after I added it, the same program told of a recently discovered manuscript which has been pretty well proved to have been written by Hitler made a point that agrees with the commenter on your blog:
he said that the 'Aryans' who left Europe to emigrate to America were the bold ones. And now they were inventing all good things on the world stage [the telephone, the radio and coca-cola, for instance.]
he used this preposterous set of assumptions to rationalize a personal goal: the invasion and conquering of America.

so, the commenter on your post agrees with Hitler's view of this country.
just fwiw.

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

Again. Thank you Two Crows. Interesting.

two crows said...

you're welcome TwA--
I've studied the third reich extensively since my early teens. and the parallels with the current administration are absolutely chilling.