July 2, 2007

Restoring My Faith :)

Some good news for once [perhaps]!

As many of you know, I recently moved to Florida [What else could I do? I'm retiring and it's the law. :) ]

Anyway, I ordered components for a HUGE walk-in closet/dressing room. They didn't come. And they didn't come. I had used a debit card and the company helped itself to my money and the components never came.

I contacted the company and got the royal run-around.
I looked the company up at New Jersey's BBB and found, belatedly, that they have a history of not delivering goods and not responding to complaints to the BBB. Oh, great.

Meanwhile, I mentioned this series of events to a man I met in my community and he suggested contacting New Jersey's Attorney General. So I did.
I figured that would be the last I would hear on the matter-- this IS a government agency, and I don't vote in New Jersey, after all.

So, imagine my surprise when I brought in the mail today and found a letter from the AG's office! They've referred my letter to the Division of Consumer Affairs in their office. They gave me a contact there should I have further information to send them. They asked me to hold on to all relevant info and correspondence [I already have] and told me that someone in that branch will be contacting me for more information.

A gov't agency that actually follows up and does it's job? What's the date?
[I'm gonna frame that letter. :) ]
Oh, and the closet?
I ordered ANOTHER set of components from a different company. They're assembled and installed and beautiful and, as a result, I'm essentially unpacked! Finally. And all it took was 4 months -- including the month I spent waiting for the shipment that never arrived.
I'll keep you posted as events unfold -- if they do.


Larry said...

At least you had a little success with a government agency. Most Americans get very little from their government.

two crows said...

hey, Larry--
yeah, I've noticed that. that's why I felt compelled to publish this. our gov't doing its job? who woulda thunk?

now, let's see how long this string of luck holds---

TomCat said...

Dang!! I knew there was a reason I should have stayed in NJ! ;-)

two crows said...

have you lived there, TC?
you ARE addicted to the nort' country, ain'tcha?

TomCat said...

Lived there? I was born in Atlantic City.

two crows said...

while I was offline I got another letter-- this one from the Dept. of Consumer Affairs notifying me that they are following up on the matter.

more as the matter unfolds.