July 1, 2007

Sunday Brief

Sen. Patrick Leahy [D-VT] was asked today, on Meet the Press, if he would go so far as to hold the executives [yes, the VP IS part of the exec] in contempt of Congress if they don’t cooperate with the investigation into their actions concerning the stacking of the Justice Dept. He said yes, he would. He went on record on national tv. He didn’t duck the question. He didn’t equivicate. He simply said yes.

Where do I go to find a congressperson to put in a Florida seat who will do the same?
While being interviewed on This Week about the recent attacks in Britain and Scotland, without being asked directly about them, Lieberman advocated increasing the numbers of cameras in the streets that track people’s movements—as is the case in Britain.
WHAT a great idea! Let’s use a method that didn’t stop those bombs from being put in place [though, according to Lieberman, they were used to apprehend the criminals after the fact]; in this time of an enormously heightened disgust with and distrust of our government, lets hand it a carte blanche to spy on us WHILE investigating that same government for breaking the law in order to spy on us.

Putting forth half-baked, ill-thought-out ideas for expanding government while that government is being investigated for going too far already. Just one more service Lieberman offers.


TomCat said...

Good luck, TC. You're so deep in Bush country that the voting machines are even more rigged than elsewhere.

About LIEberman, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he voted for Bush in 2000.

two crows said...
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two crows said...

well, as I've met people down here, I don't necessarily find that to be the case. [I do know people in Wash State who are dyed-in-the- wool-Bushies, too.]
if you look at the state on a county-by-county basis, you find it to be kind of pinkish purple. bluer than where I came from, I think. after all, MO had had 2 Rep senators for as long as I can remember until last novemember's clean-sweep.

and, hopefully, as the population ages and more boomers move this way, things might get bluer in a hurry. one can only hope.
as for as Lieberman is concerned,, he's from blue New England-- so, go figure.

TomCat said...

Really. Now get rid of all Jeb's cronies down there.

two crows said...

well, yeah, there's that.