July 13, 2007

WMD’s in Florida

The last of the closet components finally got here and I was able to cart all the boxes they came in off to the recycling center.
While there, I saw the strangest sight—
A young man drove up and proceeded to unload a bunch of paper and boxes. Good for him—except—he left his pickup truck running for the 8 minutes or so it took him to offload his stuff.
A case of having his heart in the right place—but God knows where his head was—though I have my guesses.
He’s essentially saying, ‘I want to save the trees [which we need to do, goodness knows—but we CAN grow more of those] but the hell with those 80 million-year-old ferns [which we can’t grow more of.]
His windows were rolled up—so I assumed [and, yes, I know how dangerous that can be] that his air-conditioning was on.

Soon after he left, a young woman drove up. She turned off her engine, hopped out and dumped her recyclables into the bins and drove off.

Then ANOTHER man drove up in his SUV. And left his engine running [windows up—so probably a/c was on]. And, get this, he left his doors open the entire time. He would unload cardboard at one set of bins, drive [with doors open] to the mixed-paper section, unload that, drive to the aluminum section, unload his cans, etc. Engine on, doors open, windows up, and a/c presumably on the entire time.

I noted with interest that the two who wasted gasoline while recycling were both White Males. So, I dubbed them White Male Dummies.

[Btw—you DON’T want to get me started on all things White Male—I can be a downright bore on the subject. Suffice to say that today's example is just one of hundreds I could cite.]


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Interesting story! Too bad you couldn't have observed more. Our country is wasteful in so many ways but slowly I think we're getting it figured out. Let's hope the future generations are more protective of mother earth. ;)

two crows said...

hey, s-q--
yes, it was surreal watching that.

I just wish our politicians [the ones actually IN office, not just folks like Gore] would get serious. that might help.

Mary Ellen said...

I'll bet those same guys who had their cars running with the doors open, go around the house at home and turn off all the lights and complain about the cost of electricity. It's a guy thing.

two crows said...

**chortle! snork!**
right on, M E!

and, as I say, don't get me started on the WMD's. I can go on and on about the guy things. wasting gas while recycling is just the most amazing example I've personally witnessed recently.

one day, when Bush and his cronies don't keep me so busy [like after the impeachments are over] I'll repost my expose on Eli Whitney, et al.

Mary Ellen said...

two crows

Do you find with blogging all this news about the corruption in this administration and the frustration over our own party being such wimps just brings you down? Honestly, some days I feel like I'm in another reality. Which is why just have to throw in a fun thread from time to time, or anything that doesn't have to do with politics.

two crows said...

I know what you mean, ME--
my remedy, these days, is to turn off the computer and work on decorating my new house. I'm finally starting to get to the fun part

still--this post juxtaposed against today's is a bit of a jolt. even tho' both are political and both are important, they're not in the same league.