August 29, 2007

Katrina Two Years Later

What is there to say to this?


PoliShifter said...

Over $500 billion spent on Iraq

How much spent on Katrina?

Case closed.

The American Peole come second when it comes to war profits.

an average patriot said...

in response to Polishifter 14.8 Billion.I guess everyone but me wrote about this. The expense is sickening when you see that all the money earning areas are up and at em while the lower 9th is still devestated and the levees protecting them are not scheduled to be completed until 2015.
Lends creedance to what I said that Katrina was allowed to happen. It cleaned out the housing projects and the poor that politicians couldn't. Now the Republicans are rebuilding New Orleans as they want it.
When I first said that people thought I was crazy. Now you see the proof. A natural disaster turned Bush catastrophe as part of his new societal order.
Today he was telling them NO was better than before but he failed to address the poor that are largely still without. I hate that SOB

two crows said...

right, Poli --
case closed. and NOLA is closed.
and Iraq goes on.
what perverted priorities our gov't has.

two crows said...

you could well be right.
Bush stuck to the task of strumming that guitar at the birthday party because Katrina was doing his job for him.

it's hard to see what he defines as 'better'.

today, I finally got around to watching last Sunday's 60 Minutes [see? I'm not joking when I say I'm swamped these days].
and the doc and 2 nurses are up on murder charges for allegedly killing 4 people.

Bush has killed 1,007,000 and counting -- that I know of -- and he's walking around free.

Sheri said...
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Robert Rouse said...

I created a video for the two year anniversary too,