August 7, 2007

Neither Liberty nor Safety

Surveillance Cameras: Fighting Crime or Invading Privacy? -- By Jennifer Agiesta

Are surveillance cameras in public places a helpful tool in solving crimes or are they a modern day Big Brother? Most Americans take the more benign view.

Seven in 10 respondents in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll said they support the increased use of surveillance cameras as a way to help solve crimes. One-quarter opposed the idea.

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It's downright frightening how many are willing to wake up one morning soon in a police state. Ben Franklin was right.


TomCat said...

To make America safe, we really only need one surveillance camera... pointed at Bush 24/7.

two crows said...

I beg to differ, TC
I think we need to point it at Cheney -- assuming we can find him.

TomCat said...

Maybe we actually need 4 cameras, TC. Rove and Gonzo too