August 5, 2007

'Never Trust Your Own Senses' says Bush, 'I don't.'

This from the Huffington Post:
Bush Sets the Table for September: Who You Gonna Believe, Petraeus or Your Own Eyes? -- by Arianna Huffington

Bush is so gung-ho about listening to Gen. Petraeus not because he is an expert but because he is an expert who agrees with Bush.

Indeed, he is an expert who agrees with Bush even though it means disregarding his own expertise -- ie the Army's newly-revised counter-insurgency field manual which he co-authored and, according to which far more troops are needed for the surge to succeed than he's been given.
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Bush fired enough generals till he found one that would toe his idiot-logical line that Petraeus certainly knows which side of the bread's got the butter.

So rest easy, children. Just listen to the general. He'll know what to do next month-- after more children have come home in wheelchairs and boxes and Iraq is in worse shape than it is now and al qaida has found yet more recruits.
And Petraeus will tell us that all of that equals progress.


an average patriot said...

two crows you are entirely right. Petreus may not agree with Bush but he will say what he wants to hear. It doesn't matter. Iraq, Afghanistan and the middle east was guaranteed lost the day Bush diverted from Afghanistan to get our military back into the middle east and he will not leave period as you can see.
Anyway I wanted to make sure you saw my response to your comment on my post because it is too late now in every respect.
Two crows
Of course you are right. it would blow this entire thing wide open as any idiot would know. As for starting WW3 I am afraid we are in it and by design for not just Bush's new world order but everyone elses too. We are in serious trouble and the time for worthless discussions is over.
That rising up I have been calling for, for years now and people get mad at me and hide as everyone is cowered because of Bush. People don't want to face it but they better and quickly because that is all that will save us.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

America must rise up and take our country back now! If not now, when?

TomCat said...

I predict a brand new strategy in September: Stay the Course.

LET'S TALK said...

Bush will only take the advice from General Petraeus if his report supports Bush stay in Iraq. If this report is anything but what our President wants to hear, he will ignore it and go with other reports that he's already having done by others that might favor his support for said war.

Mary Ellen said...

I agree with Suzie-Q....the only problem is, we need our representatives to help us with this. They are supposed to be our voice and we have too many blue dog democrats who aren't voting for Democrat issues, but they are siding with Bush. Those are the people we have to concentrate on, IMO.

sumo said...

Oh...there definitely will be a need for a "boost" in troops come September. Petraeus is Dubbie's boy in the sand that's for doubt about it.

Snave said...

Even the blind squirrel finds the nut once in a while. Thus, even someone as obtuse as Dumbya can find a general who agrees with his ideology, scientists who will say there is no global warming, people who will say Guatanamo is like a country club, etc. I think TomCat and Sumo are correct, come September, after the Iraqi version of congress comes back from vacation, we will hear more of the same old same old from Cheney and Dumbya.

The GOP had a rubber-stamp congress for six years, but they are finding they basically still have one. Democraps are so afraid of being tarred as politicians who do not "support the troops" that they will pretty much just bend over and take it from the administration. They are just as afraid of Bu$hCo as the Republican senators who speak out against the war but at decision time, they vote the Dumbya line.

Why is everyone so afraid of Dumbya and Cheney? Has the executive branch become more powerful than we have realized? Does it have so much power now that it can basically threaten and intimidate congress?

I think that when only about 55% of the Senate seems to be willing to do the will of about 75% of the American people, something is very wrong.

You might enjoy my letter to the editor of our local paper. I posted the letter at my blog. It has to do with National Review writer/editor Rich Lowry saying things that amount to a suggestion that we shouldn't be asking questions of our government. I also posted a link to his article. See what you think...

two crows said...

hi, Snave--
I heard an interesting take on the vacation thang yesterday on NPR--
a reporter from the NY Times [assigned to congress watching] said the dems caved in on a number of things from the war to eavesdropping because they knew they didn't have the votes to override a veto.

so, they wanted the reps to go home and get an earful from their constituents and come back ready to renegotiate -- knowing they'd better compromise or face the wrath of the voters come november.

lobbyists can do only so much when people are paying attention and money can't buy you votes.

anyway, that reporter gave me hope: maybe there WAS method to the dems madness in the pre-recess decisions.
I think I'll nip over to your blog, now, and read the stuff you referenced.