August 3, 2007


You know how Bush is so fond of saying that the terrorists hate freedom and democracy and want to destroy them?
In psychology, there's a term called, 'projection.' It's the act of doing something, or thinking something or feeling something then accusing another of having done it or thought it or felt it.



an average patriot said...

two crows
I am so sick of hearing that bull. Bush has single handedly destroyed our Democracy and freedom while using them as an excuse and creating his idea of a new societal order during the interim.

two crows said...

hey, AAP
yes. it's so obvious its kind of sickening.

the fact is, the extremists don't hate freedom and democracy. they hate the US because our country has been meddling in their countries for decades, at least.

it's BUSH who hates freedom and democracy-- as he has demonstrated repeatedly during the last 7 years.

the extremists admit their hate. Bush doesn't -- he projects it onto others and uses them as his excuse to destroy what he hates.

an average patriot said...

Hey two crows, your right! Problem is they want their version of freedom and Democracy and not the chief idiots.
Bush wants his new damn order and so called Islamists want theirs. No one is going to get their way and this total "dis"order is still just developing.

Mary Ellen said...

No doubt about it...Bush is one f***ed up a$$hole.

two crows said...

yep --
this whole mess looks like a dysfunctional family.
which, from what I gather, is what spawned Bush in the first place.

no wonder he feels right at home as he destroys the world.

TomCat said...

Bush-speak Dictionary
Freedom=Only I get to do what I want