September 20, 2007

One Third of the Country is Still Living Under a Rock

Once again, I shamelessly lifted something [with permission, of course] from a fellow traveler's blog.
This came from franIAM. Check her out, why don'tcha?
Here are the House districts throughout the country whose majorities are in favor of staying- the- course in Iraq.
HELLO, PEOPLE!!! Other people are dying while you remain complacent. Since you're so gung-ho, why don't YOU grab your body armor, suit up and get your asses to Iraq?!?
The numbers break down as follows: 12% want to increase the number of troops [Where will we get them, one wonders? Perhaps this 12% will volunteer?] 15% want to maintain the current troop levels [Oh, yes! Since this 'strategy' is working SO well!] 7% are unsure how to proceed [Well, at least they admit to being clueless.] 30% want to decrease the number of troops on the ground [While their hearts may be in the right place, it seems, to me, a futile move. The ones who are there now are overwhelmed -- how can FEWER do anything at all -- other than act as targets?] And 36% want to pull out completely.

Oh, and here's the map for the Senate:
Way to go, Utah!

So, a note to the rest of us. Check out how your reps and senators are voting. Obviously, if they're not clamoring for a pullout, they're ignoring their constituents and deserve to be benched -- unless, of course, you're one of the 36% who are ready to lay YOUR lives on the line-- in which case, get your butts to Iraq! NOW!
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Mary Ellen said...

Illinois is pretty solid blue...except for the area I live in. Lucky for us, Hastert is finally out of here and I'm hoping we can finally get a Democrat in to take his place. It still won't be easy. Suddenly, I'm not seeing support Bush bumper stickers like before, no one wants to admit they voted for him...

I haven't seen one sign in a yard that is supporting a Republican candidate, but I'm sure they'll come out.

TomCat said...

Those of you with IE7 or RSS readers can go to Washington Post, look up their "recent votes by" section, find your Rep and Senators, and subscribe to their individual feeds. That way you get a report on every single vote.

Mary Ellen said...

two crows-

Where ever you are....hope you didn't blow away in the storms. I've been listening to the news, and it sounds like you guys are getting hit pretty hard.

Take care, kiddo!

an average patriot said...

Hi two crows
It just blows me away that anyone can be in favor of leaving our troops there but I have to wonder what the hell all that is worth since the chief idiot wants a permanent force left indefinitely in the middle east at a cost of additional trillions in debt if anyone will keep buying it. Bush has to stay there to prosecute his future wars. Look at the States that want to stay there. I am from mass I know where mine voted. I'll be right back.

an average patriot said...

Hey I have it. Check out the video, it will blow you away. Bush's Forever War

two crows said...

hey, ME--
more and more of the country is blue, these days. I just hope Congress can hold onto it.
if they keep doing things like lambasting MoveOn for telling the truth, they may not.

hi, TC--
thanx for the tip

hi, ME--
I've been pretty battened down today.
got a bit of a scare this AM--
I went for my swim and, after I got in the water, I saw some lightning east of me. pretty far away so I kept swimming till I noticed it seemed to be headed my way.
then, as I was heading toward the ladder a lady came along and yelled at me for being in the water. hey! I was gettin out!
no rain here, but the lightning was all over pretty much all day. so the twins have been unplugged and I never did get to finish my swim. :(

hey, AAC--
well, he at least wants to leave em there long enough that the bloodbath will be on the next president's hands.
yep--we're too stupid to figure out who sent em there in the first place.

thanks for the link. it only got through to me as audio. hope others can get the video.

FranIAm said...

Thanks for the linkage. It is amazing that this is the map but we still can't really "support our troops."

Sad days in America.

two crows said...

hi Fran and welcome!
yes, what's happening to our country that is supposed to have representatives who answer to us?

we elect them and they ignore us till just before the next election.
something horrible is happening to this country.