September 18, 2007

Call For A General Strike

Sunday, September 9, 2007
From Us To You-- The Challenge To Organize...
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Hey! Nothing else has worked. But this method has been shown to work in Poland when the Soviets didn't listen to the Poles; in India when Britain refused to listen to the Indians; in France when the gov't refused to listen to its own people; in South Africa when the Afrikaners and the rest of the world refused to listen to the very real grievances of the Black population.

It's certainly worth a shot in the most capitalistic country on the planet where the almighty dollar is the one, true god.

Being retired, there's not much I can do to make it happen [even when I was working, given the profession I was in, I couldn't have done much.] BUT, there's one thing I can do and I'm asking all the folks I know to do what we can.

Do you want an end to the Iraq war? Do you want health insurance for our country's
poorest children? Do you want US jobs to stay in the US? Do you want reasonable funding for our country's infrastructure and an end to the pork barrel buffet for Congress? Do you want our gov't to stop and listen to our needs for a change?

If you work for someone else, don't go to work on October 17. That's all. Just call in sick on that one day. If you work for yourself, send this to everyone you know who works for someone else. Just spread the word.

General strikes have been shown to work in numerous countries from France to India. Why shouldn't one work here, as well? Let the 'big bosses' know, 'There're more of us than you, fellas! So, you'd better pay attention to us!'

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Who is behind and supporting this effort?