September 16, 2007

Democrats: Be Careful How You Emulate the Losers

This from the Washington Post Back to School for The GOP -- By Peter Beinart

In the past few years, Democrats have gotten pretty good at mimicking Republicans. They've been training college activists, establishing think tanks and, more generally, trying to turn their party into a movement -- just what conservatives did during their years in the pre-Reagan wilderness. As John Podesta, head of the left-leaning Center for American Progress, told the New York Times Magazine a while back, "I describe myself as having a master's degree in the right-wing conspiracy."

Imitation may be flattering, but in this case, it comes with a large scoop of irony. Because while Democrats are enrolling in GOP 101, the GOP itself is in free fall.

Here is the complete text.
Meanwhile, Democrats must be careful not to rest on their laurels.
After all it was only two years ago that Democrats were, rightly, being derided for being disorganized and without direction. They must, at all costs, avoid going back to the days when they couldn't decide where to have lunch let alone how to develop plans on how to govern the country effectively.

So, Democrats be careful you don't learn better than the Republicans how to be Republican.


an average patriot said...

two crows we are being forced to play their game in order to move on but move on they are. They could care less anymore. Have you looked at my posts of late and particularly Anon's from today? Not good! and Dusty's from today?

an average patriot said...

Here two crows
Anons Where America is headed

TomCat said...

Pretty wise stuff, TC. This is what the US did to fight communism, adopt communist tactics, and many of today's nightmares stem from feeding rabid dogs, like Osama, to use against communism. When we adopt the enemy's tactics, the enemy has won, because we have become the enemy.

two crows said...

hey, AAC--
I hadn't seen those posts. I've just been so blamed busy, lately, I don't get around the internet that much these days.
I'll try and catch up a bit on Thursday.

hi, TC--
yep. BushCo has certainly adopted the tactics it rails against in Iraq and Afghanistan.

like the poster on my sidebar asserts, "it's not fascism when we do it."