September 7, 2007

Just One More Quick Note

The desk is finished! The puter is back up and running.
Of course, the room is a wreck. **sigh**
C U after the bulldozer has been through.


Mary Ellen said... made a desk? I didn't do anything like that when I lost my internet went out. I did clean my desk, though! Now I know where everything is, I think.

two crows said...

hey, ME--
congrats on knowing where everything is! wish I could say the same. **sigh**

the geek came and networked the 2 puters today. [thus the deadline on finishing the new desk]. it's amazing how much more room I have after adding just 20" length to the desk. [built out of an antique door and it's beeyootifull if I do say so.]

the room is almost back to normal. now if I can just figure out how to use vista it'll be all good. :)

and, now it's back to wallpapering. there's always more, isn't there?

Mary Ellen said...

two crows-

Wow...that desk does sound cool. You should post a picture of it on the blog.

We have Vista too and I asked my husband if he had any problems with it, and he said not really, except that it still needs to develop more programs which he said will probably happen in a year or so. I don't know all the details...I just click the mouse and go, I leave the details up to him.

an average patriot said...

All right two crows!
I was just going to ask you how the desk came out. Have fun with the computer annd watch out for the dozer.
BTW can you post a picture of that beautiful desk?

two crows said...

hey M E and AAP--
sure, I'll post a pic when I find my camera.
it's really no great shakes as desks go -- except the door is beautiful [imnsho].
just a couple of sawhorses with the door on top and some plastic sheeting to make the surface level.

it's an old 5 panel door complete with cracked, lead-based paint [but, hey, I'm not gonna have any toddlers cutting their teeth on it].

I was marveling at how much more space the 20 extra inches gave me till I worked out what it is in sq feet. 20" x 40" [width of the desk] comes to 5.5 sq FEET! no wonder it feels so much bigger!

as far as learning Vista -- well -- that's gonna take some time, still.
I learned XP on a network with 98SE still available and loved that method. then, I could wade in at my own pace.

it was more important then as all my work files were at risk if I made a mistake. now that I'm retired, it's not so important but it still will help maintain my sanity as I learn the new system to have XP to fall back on.