October 28, 2007

In Case You Missed It, As Seen on Sixty Minutes, October 28, 2007

'Collective Punishment for Individual Action.’ Do you remember that policy? It was used by the Nazi’s prior to and during WW II against Jews and other people perceived as being subhuman.

And, today, it’s being used as United States policy against the Afghan people. Our government engages what was called by the narrator on Sixty Minutes as a 'macabre calculus' used in determining the number of civilian deaths appropriate in order to kill one 'bad guy.' On occasion, that amounts to an entire village.
A case in point was a recent incident when 2 men shot at a military post. They missed it entirely and no one was hurt. They were seen to run into a house in a nearby village. The house was subsequently bombed. After the smoke cleared, the house was gone and all the people in it were dead [women and small children]. The 2 men were not there. One boy, who happened to be visiting his uncle that night, survived while his immediate family was wiped out.
Not surprisingly, when asked what he felt toward the Americans, this seven-year-old boy said, "I hate them." The US just created another suicide bomber.

So, my questions to our government are:
1] Do you really want to follow a policy practiced by the Nazis?
2] Do you perceive Afghanis as subhuman? And, what does that say about you?
The honey bees are disappearing.

They're absolutely necessary for the continuation of the food chain humans depend on.
They've survived everything we've thrown at them until the last few years. A new pesticide is one cause being cited as a possible culprit. Not surprisingly Bayer, the manufacturer of the pesticide, denies it citing studies that back up their claims.
I think we all know what studies funded by the companies whose products they're investigating are worth.

I have to wonder too, though, if the new genetically engineered crops that include a gene that acts as a pesticide are responsible. After all, do we really think those genes can tell the difference between insects we depend on and those we'd like to see die out?

The hives, by the way, are empty. They aren't filled with dead bees. They're simply ghost towns, that's all.

Usually, abandoned hives are raided by other bees and any honey left behind is carried away to other hives. In the current situation, the honey is being treated like poison. No other bees want it. What do the bees know that we don't?


Mary Ellen said...

Hi two crows-Regarding the "Collective Punishment" issue, our government could not resemble Nazi Germany more than they do. I never thought I would see this in the United States and I've never been more concerned. Just because George isn't rounding up Jews, many don't see it. Instead, the Muslims are the "new Jews"...Bush treats them like rats, just like Hitler described the Jews that way. It's horrible, beyond belief!

Regarding the bees...that is really scary. Some scientists were exploring whether it was the sound waves from the cell phones and towers. But if the other bees won't touch the honey that is left in the hives of the dead bees, I have to wonder if it is the chemically treated insecticides. If that's true, what is in the honey that we are getting at the store? I used to put honey on many things because I try to stay away from processed sugar. Now I'm doing without any sweeteners, as much as possible.

two crows said...

hi M E--
Bush seems to perceive anyone who's not just like him [white and rich] as subhuman. note the differences in his responses to New Orleans after Katrina and southern California during the fires.
some people are suggesting he learned from previous mistakes. since I've seen no evidence of his doing that on any other issues, I doubt that is the reason for the differences.
btw-- the pesticide created by Bayer is based on nicotine and brings about symptoms like disorientation. other neurological disorders and general immunodeficiency.
the reason it's being cited is that bees have to have a good sense of direction in order to find their hive after foraging for nectar and they seem to be dying from diseases they used to be able to fight off.

I lucked out recently. during the move I came across a bottle of honey with an expiration date of 2005.
honey doesn't go bad -- so I figure the date was put there in an effort to sell more honey. I plan to use it to the last drop. I hope this crisis is past before I run out.
and, if the crisis DOESN'T pass, we can kiss our species good bye because we'll have massive crop failures soon.
as I've said before, I enjoy watching documentaries. and I'm often astounded when I see programs that outline the evolution of humans touting how 'smart' homo-sapiens is supposed to be. after all, we've labeled ourselves 'the wise man'.
I see scant evidence of either intelligence or wisdom.

Snave said...

"Collective punishment" basically applies to Iraq, too, as I see it. Let's get rid of Saddam, and if we end up there for a long time, and if more than half a million people die, or if one out of six of them end up homeless or leaving Iraq... whatever.

As for how "smart" humans are, there is a great song by the great band XTC, entitled "The Smartest Monkeys". It sums it all up pretty neatly...

two crows said...

hi, Snave--
yep, I figure the same practices are going on in Iraq-- probably even more so. but, since 60 Mins only cited Afghanistan, so did I.

I think the US has had this kind of mentality [we're humans and everyone else is beneath our notice] for most of our history.
it disgusts me when I hear US officials touting what a great country we are. again, I've seen scant evidence of that.