October 21, 2007

A Good Question

Marty Lederman wrote in the blog: Balkinization four questions he would ask of Judge Mukasey.
One in particular caught my eye because it is such a delicious question -- putting the shoe on the other foot, so to speak.
The question was asked of [and evaded by] Gonzales.

"If an enemy of the United States captured non-uniformed U.S. personnel, such as intelligence officers, and interrogated them using some combination of severe stress positions, hypothermia, threats, and prolonged sleep and sensory deprivation, would you conclude that the U.S. persons had been subjected to torture or to "cruel treatment" prohibited by Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, or would you say that the enemy had acted lawfully?"

Click here for the entire text.


Mary Ellen said...

two crows-

I would love it if Mukasky would be asked that question, but I have no doubt that no matter what he says, he'll be approved anyway. Bush and his ilk has made a mockery of our military and put them in more danger than ever before.

I think if I were to ask Mukasky a question it would be, "How can you sit there with a straight face and tell us you're not a tool for Bush."

two crows said...

another good question, M E--
he'll dodge all the questions -- and be confirmed.
not that it would make a difference.
Congress has been made irrelevant by this administration.

I think THAT may be why Pelosi took impeachment off the table. she knew Congress couldn't enforce it if they tried and figured it was better not to force a showdown.
who knows? she may be right.

Mary Ellen said...

two crows- I don't know, I used to think the same as you, why force the showdown. But at least if we did try to impeach him, it would force the White House to release the documents needed for the investigation. I'm just not sure why impeachment is in the Constitution if the Congress isn't going to use it. Bush has clearly violated the powers of his office. Isn't that what the impeachment is for, to enforce the laws of the Constitution and to protect it?

I know it won't happen, and if Pelosi won't take impeachment off the table when it comes to Bush, she certainly should be going after Cheney. He was just caught AGAIN in leaking information about air strikes on Syria. The leak went right to his office. I'll also lay odds that proof of his hand in the outing of Plame is tucked away in his office safe. An impeachment process would bring that out,I think.

LET'S TALK said...

I read somewhere today that Gonzalesmight be charged and if that happens. Sometime after Bush leaves office, he may be charged as well.