October 16, 2007

I just posted a hybrid post [political humor] over at Scattershot Thoughts in case you're interested. :)

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an average patriot said...

Hi two crows
Sorry I missed your post yesterday. I have been caught up tring to heal my arm so I won't need therapy. I wanted to make sure you got my response to you because this is very important. I will get things together eventually and start getting around again.
an average patriot said...
Hey two crows!
First I want to say don't be scared. You have family and friends and you are not alone. Albeit for different reasons but you have moved on before and you can do it again if necessary and many will have no choice.
I am going to put a story together today I think discussing just that. With so much attention being paid to the environment and the warmongering, what shape will future war take?
Driving down the coast to Florida last April I was very concerned to see the Georgia area already suffering water woes. Much of Alabama, tennessee, Florida, and other States are not much better and it is just as bad in the midwest, Texas, California, and around the world but for conflicting environmental reasons.
I have written about it in the past and received great input from around the world.
Atlanta is due to run out of water in 45 days leaving 9 million without and you know they are not just going to die and go away. I have yet to hear anything from Bushco.
I have to wonder first why States like Georgia, South, and North Carolina have not invested in desalinization long ago? This problem did not occur over night!
That said, I do agree with you about Turkey and the Kurdish area and have said so but it will not even be that simple as Iran is also encroaching on the area as Turkey already is.
Any way you look at it the entire middle east is blowing thanks to Bush but watching China and Asia beginning to have water wars particularly because China is taking it because of the three Gorges dam and watching right here and around the world I have to wonder what shape this is all going to take though you know how I expect it to work out.
We can only take care of ourselves and watch this play out as we are observers not players so don't worry just relax and hold on to those like us, family, and friends, and be thankful we have each other!