October 26, 2007

A Lesson on How to Spin

This from the Huffington Post:
Rose Garden Colored Glasses -- Andy Stern

There's setting the bar low, then there's changing the game entirely.

Earlier this week, the administration tried again to justify its astonishing veto of the popular SCHIP bill. Although the bipartisan bill will make healthcare benefits available to about 10 million children, the White House thinks we would be helping the wrong kids.

Now I confess that when we're talking about making sure children can get routine check ups, dental care and emergency medical treatment, I am not sure how to identify the right kids from the wrong.

However, if you share the president's belief that we should only consider protecting the health of the children at the very, very bottom, there's a silver lining. According to the official White House Oct. 23 press release on the SCHIP veto, "Over half the families in America are not poor."

That's right. There's a high standard for you.

Straight from the folks who thought Brownie did "a heck of a job," we now can take comfort in the fact that according to the White House, "There are a lot of things you can say about half the families in America. Half of them aren't poor."

It's hard not interpret this as another sign of an administration that is profoundly out of touch with the lives of working people all around this country. But maybe what we've got here is a glass-half full kind of guy celebrating his milestones where he can find them. After all - a little cockeyed optimism at the White House probably brightens some of the darker headlines these days.

So donning our Rose Garden colored glasses, here's some other good news from the Bush administration:

* More than half of all the homes in this country have not been foreclosed on--yet.
* More than half of the residents of New Orleans were not permanently displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
* More than half of Halliburton executives haven't been indicted.
* More than half of the polar ice caps are still in place.
* More than half of Americans who don't have health insurance probably won't get sick today.
* More than half of college graduates won't have to declare bankruptcy immediately because of their student loan debt.
* More than half of oil company executives can still afford to fill their cars' gas tanks
* More than half the nations of the world still return our phone calls.

With this kind of good news, it's no surprise that well more than half of Americans are counting the days until the Bush administration is no more.


Mary Ellen said...

The Dems have to keep re-submitting the same SCHIP bill over and over again. Let the President and his Republican or Bush Dog Democrats keep it from going through. They will pay the price in the end and when we have a majority in the House and Senate and a Democratic President, we can have health care for all children...no matter how much money their parents make.

Maybe what we should do is make inquiries to all the Republican candidates that are running for Senate or Congress in our area. Let them think that you want to make a contribution to their candidacy. Then mail their contribution letters back with a picture of a sick child and tell them...pass the SCHIP bill first, then we'll talk campaign contributions.

two crows said...

that'd be cool, ME--
except, I think they'd probably figure it out -- if you care about children's health care you're not gonna send them money OR vote for them next year, anyway.

LET'S TALK said...

Clever Mary Ellen! I think that two crows makes a good point that anyone who cares about children's health care wont send them money nor vote for.

phil_in_ny said...

Boy are we. My concern is that we'll be snowed once again by are great established political system.

two crows said...

Hey, LT and Phil--
yep, we do just keep getting schnockered by this admin.