October 15, 2007

Now For a Bit of Fun

Continuing on the theme of the decriminalization of marijuana. Actually, imnsho, the criminalization of marijuana would, in a sane world, be a non-issue. For various political reasons, a new crime was created: possessing and/or using marijuana [see post from 10/1/07 for the historic details.]

In any case, here's a vid that pokes a bit of fun at the issue. Enjoy. :)


Mary Ellen said...

LOL! That video was hilarious....wasn't it? What was that about again?

TomCat said...

Don't believe the rumors that it can make you lose your memory. cam prove that my mind is like a ... What was I going to say?

two crows said...

hey, M E
ummmm -- wasn't it about the -- um -- benefits of -- uh -- something. but, it's not for everyone -- I remember that part. uh, and playing frisbee, right?

dunno, TC--
uh, dude, I totally forgot.

proudprogressive said...

That was great and a wonderful reminder - for when i get ready for my MJ post. I have been in need of medical cannibus for yrs. For apetite and other issues. When in Cali (SF) actually had the life saving experience of being a member of a cannabis club. And I also believe that Indrustial cannabis could completely re vitilize or (manufacturing base..hell Ford made an entire car out of the stuff.

One of the side effects i notice is it makes me think..It seems to also make me want to MOVE around and cleain or excercise my muscles..all good for me. And when i move i forget stuff, and kind of zone out..that mind body integration thingie

that can be distressing at times. But keeps the brain busy. I figure if the thought is really worth it vs. white noise it will come back to me. ...AUM

Thanks Two Crows i got to check out some more of those utubes.

in harmony - PP oh yeah another side effect - it causes me to feel friendly and open.

two crows said...

hey Proud Progressive-
I love the take-off on all those prescription med ads that promote self-diagnosis -- and include side-effects. the ones I mute while they're running.
don'tcha love those? 'get rid of your stuffy sinuses. btw--may cause stroke.' but your head will be clear right up until that aneurism pops.

I would watch this one if it was on tv, tho.

proudprogressive said...

well so much for "a mota vational syndrom another trumped up piece of science to smear our dear mary jane - i just posted on this topic. Its supposed to be a blog swarm - oy to post on the environment today - so i did a two fer so to speak...all that thinking. I got the vid up of that cop calling the cops because he thought he and his young wife were dying from an OD on some Alice B Tokless brownies..which i highly HIGHLY doubt they made properly anyhow....i mean a quater once really now...jeebus !

Robert Rouse said...

Great video! Wait, was it great? I don't remember. Was that Cheap Trick?

PoliShifter said...

Hey, Two Crows, I'm watching The Road to Guantanamo so I'll check this vid out later.

OT, I tagged you

check it out if you like.

Larry said...

What video did I just watch?

PoliShifter said...

Damn that was funny...

Nice one Larry

I needed that after Road to Guantanamo

pekka said...

I made earlier one of my typical, obnoxious and holier than thou comment about never getting anything worth while by snorting, smoking, injecting, eating or inhaling various wacky substances. As the matter of fact, the opposite is my reality. I feel just like the proverbial peace of turd even smoking grass. I wonder, if there is anybody else like me out there?

two crows said...

hey, P P--
yeah, I saw that while hunting for a funny.
served him right for busting someone, confiscating his pot and stealing it, imho. :)

hi, Robert--
dunno who made it. whoever it was did a great job.

thx for the tag, Poli -- I'll check it out after finishing the comments.

hi, Larry--
hey, dude, I'm clueless!

hey, Pekka--
I'm sure different chemistries react differently to all drugs.
I have a theory [tho I haven't and wouldn't test it out] that a tiny fraction of the population wouldn't even get addicted to heroin.
there's no telling how anyone will react to any substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier.
that's my theory, anyway, and I'm stickin to it.

pekka said...

TC, I think you have a very valid theory about addiction which, by the way, is not too far from mine. We are definitely dealing with brain chemistries here, and the "curse" of my life is - I must stay clean and sober. That doesn't mean that I act like one, though. ;)

two crows said...

yeah, Pekka--
with 7 alcoholics in my family, I pretty much stay away from alcohol. I drink one drink about once or twice per year.
I can't drink worth a darn. I just never developed a tolerance for it.

it also blows me away how many people don't perceive alcohol as a drug. go figure.