November 3, 2007

Be Afraid -- Be Very Afraid

Bring It On -- By Jane Smiley in the Huffington Post

'There is an article in today's New York Times about the way Michael Mukasey has been hedging on waterboarding. The difficulty . . . is, as "Jack L. Goldsmith, . . . wrote in his recent memoir, The Terror Presidency, that the possibility of future prosecution for aggressive actions against terrorism was a constant worry inside the Bush administration." Another expert points out that future prosecutors "...would ask not just who carried it out, but who specifically approved it. Theoretically, it could go all the way up to the president of the United States; that's why he'll never say it's torture."

'I have to say that I am both glad and amazed that the Bush administration is with it enough to worry. That is a good sign.'

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LET'S TALK said...

two crows, this very article brings up the fact that whomever our next President is, might have to make a choice.

That choice is to prosecute former President Bush and people in his Administration for the criminal offenses they committed while running this country.

I think Clinton, Edwards and Richardson would not allow such charges to be brought against them.

Maybe Obama and Biden would allow such charges, but I think both Gravel and Kucinich would let those charges stand.

As far as Mukasey is concerned, Bush is crying like a baby to get his way with this nominee.

Just where Mukasey stand is a mystery and would he or could he charge this President?

two crows said...

hi, LT--
imo, there's no way Mukasey would charge Bush or Cheney -- and they all know it. and THAT'S why they want him so badly. the fix is already in.

as to whether any of the candidates would file charges -- I doubt it. they'll come up with excuse after excuse, just like the House is doing, now.

I recently wrote my rep and senators _again_ about impeachment and got back only one reply -- it boiled down to: 'it would be inconvenient.' and that was from the only dem among them. the reps didn't even bother to answer.