November 7, 2007

Chris Dodd Speaks to the Debate That Didn't Happen

This from the Huffington Post:

Tuesday night's Democratic Presidential debate in Philadelphia included some of the most serious discussions of Iraq, Iran, and global warming that we've had thus far during the campaign season.

But they aren't the only areas where the stakes are high and there are clear differences among the candidates. And so, today I want to talk about a few things we weren't asked by the moderators Tuesday night at Drexel University.

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an average patriot said...

Hey two crows
I have had major computer problems and lost everything but my site and I am slowly getting it back. There are so many problems to address that they can never address them all and except for a couple who are honest, have the right answers, and there by not a chance in hell, we hear nothing but political lies.

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
too many lies; to many obfuscations; too much spin.
getting sick of the whole mess, over here, at least.

good luck rescuing your system.
and be careful of your hand -- don't overdo it, ok?

an average patriot said...

Hey two crows
The underhanded lies and mis agenda is sickening. we'll never get used to the do as I say not as I do repugnance but we are powerless to stop it and it will not stop.
Still don't know how to burn a disk to save my stuff and have a few things to do but I'm getting it. As for my hand and arm, it is coming. I knew the recovery would be the hard part. The pain is amazing and it's amazing you have to train you arm or limb how to move again. No wonder most people use a physical therapist. You have to be able to self inflict pain and go through it but I'm getting it. Thanks TC stay in touch! Oh yeah I understand from my family that atleast the cocoa area got almost a week of rain how is your area?

two crows said...

hi again, AAP--
dry as dust here -- again.
hope we don't get the fires like we had last year.

as to DC -- yep, that's the same ol' same ol', too.

an average patriot said...

two crows
Dry as dust huh? I didn't know Florida varied so much. Are you still in drought? take care!