November 1, 2007

Hey, Folks--
Just a word about my online absence, lately:
My posts have been and will probably continue to be rather thin on the ground and consist of stuff I've already got in the hopper for the next week or so.

I've been winding up the wall-texturing [it's DONE finally!] and cleaning up the flecks of wall paper paste and the paint spatters all over the living room floor -- and rehanging the curtains, finishing up the guest room, cleaning the rest of the house that has been so sadly neglected during the project--and grocery shopping.
My first ever Florida house guest is arriving tomorrow and will be here for a little over a week. So, I'm likely to be out of pocket as I escort him over to Zephyr Hills [a 2 hour drive or so from here] to an airport where he will be **gasp!** jumping out of airplanes a lot.
[I'll be cheering him on from below with my feet planted firmly on the ground.]

I'll resurface after I've seen him off on the big airplane that will be taking him home.
And, yes, I plan to write a note on his hand reminding him not to try to jump out of the DC-10 or the 727 on his way back to Missouri [though why anyone would voluntarily return to Missouri from Florida is beyond me.]
c u in a week or so --
assuming we still have an internet and soldiers haven't confiscated all the computers by then.


PoliShifter said...

Hey, have fun! See you later next week..

two crows said...

hey, Poli--
thanx. he got here without jumping out along the way. always a plus. :)