November 21, 2007

Wounded Soldier: Military Wants Part Of Bonus Back PITTSBURGH, KANSAS (KDKA -- A CBS affiliate) ―

The U.S. Military is demanding that thousands of wounded service personnel give back signing bonuses because they are unable to serve out their commitments.

To get people to sign up, the military gives enlistment bonuses up to $30,000 in some cases.

Now men and women who have lost arms, legs, eyesight, hearing and can no longer serve are being ordered to pay some of that money back.

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Leave it to Bush to pose with the soldiers for photo-ops while stabbing them in their backs.


Larry said...

Happy Thanksgiving Two Crows. Hope you live well today.

phil_in_ny said...

Isn't that the truth, two crows. Anything for a photo op.

Have a great holiday!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Two Crows! I hope you're enjoying warm weather and plenty of Chicago, we've got cold and snow flurries. Aren't you the smart one for moving?

Take care, I'll comment on your post later, I'm supposed to be cooking now!

two crows said...

hey, folks--
happy TG back atcha--
wish I could wish the same to the poor soldiers who gave to the country only to have the administration shaft them in return.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi two crows, I posted about this as well at my other site Let's Talk About It

The Pentagon are now saying they made a mistake anf Jordon Fox and others could keep their (SEB) and for those that have already repaid the government, a number was given where wounded troops could call and have that decision reversed.

two crows said...

hey, LT--
yep, they made a mistake, all right.
they thought no one was paying attention and they would be able to get away with what they were doing.

LET'S TALK said...

Why dont they make a mistake on the billions paid to the corporations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why do they constantly go after the American people and the troops, when we all know that billions are beinf wasted daily by the Halliburton and Blackwater . Take a look at what we are spending and wasteing at JollyRogers site.

two crows said...

hey, LT--
and isn't that just like the gov't?

THEY make a "mistake," then they make the troops who have already paid back the funds contact the gov't [and, most likely, be placed on hold for hours] in order to retrieve the money they should never have paid back in the first place.

you KNOW they have it on record as to who has paid the money -- so they could issue the refunds without putting the soldiers through the grief of having to ask for them . . . but NOOOO!!!

then they wonder why we're fed up with the way washington is run.