December 28, 2007

I just listened to Rep. Wexler’s [D-FL-19] interview on Progressive Talk Radio that was held last week. [Unfortunately, I’m unable to provide a link to this particular piece though if you check Youtube you’ll find plenty of other material.]
Something was said toward the end of the interview that reduced me to, once again, screaming at the radio.
Congressman Wexler has, himself, admitted that he was not committed to Cheney's impeachment until he went home to his district and was asked repeatedly, ‘Why are you doing nothing on this issue?’
My guess is that he began to realize that he would be packing up his desk in January, 2009 if he didn’t do something.

During the course of the interview, a caller reminded the congressman that Pelosi’s removal of impeachment from the table rendered the Constitution toothless and gave the Administration the green light to continue business as usual. The caller also said that the Constitution doesn’t propose impeachment in cases of high crimes and misdemeanors; it doesn’t suggest impeachment in those circumstances; it doesn’t even recommend impeachment, it MANDATES IT! The Constitution states that it is the RESPONSIBILITY of Congress to impeach the Administration in cases of high crimes and misdemeanors. And Congressman Wexler agreed with this assessment.

So, my question to the Congressman is this: ‘Where were you last year?’
If you understand that it is the responsibility of Congress to impeach an administration which has committed crimes, why have you waited until it is so evident that NOT to do so will result in your recall next year?

Referring you to my earlier post: THIS is why I’ve been burning out on the blog. jfwiw.


an average patriot said...

You know two crows, we are all powerless "including Congress"and reduced to screaming at the radio and TV. It drives me crazy and I can't shut up!
The Constitution is worthless today. Like Democracy and Religion it is only a tool to follow this miscourse.

Mauigirl said...

Even if Wexler should've done something last year, he gets credit for finally doing something now. Let's hope it bears fruit.

two crows said...

hi, AAP--
I'm not so sure I would include Congress among those who are helpless. I know they face an uphill battle-- but they at least have the power to do _something_ which is more than the rest of us have -- till next November-- if then. [living in Florida, now -- I'm rather nervous about whether it has sufficiently cleaned up its act since 2000.]

hi Mauigirl and welcome to PP&D--
yeah, at least he IS doing something now -- which is more than anyone else is doing. and, given Pelosi's immediate capitulation last January, it's not going to be easy.
still -- everyone who's been paying attention knows that this administration is criminal and impeachment is a requirement NOT a suggestion.