December 14, 2007

OK -- I'm Done
You may consider this official. My gloating days are over.
I tuned in to the Weather Channel tonight and saw the second storm sweeping across the Midwest while the first hasn't cleared the Northeast yet.
So, no more gloating. This is WAY TOO MUCH and I'm truly sorry you folks up north are getting this one-two-punch-to-the-kidneys. :(
Please be safe, keep warm and, if you don't HAVE to drive, DON'T!
Take care of yourselves. . . .


Mary Ellen said...

It's just been insane in the Midwest. My area hasn't been hit nearly as hard as KC, MO, and other Midwestern States,so I can't complain. But it doesn't take much ice to make the roads treacherous.

I'm counting on you, two crows, to gather all your connections and make sure the weather in Florida from December 27 to January 2nd is sunny and warm....that's when my son will be there for the Outback Bowl in Tampa. ;-)

Mary Ellen said...

Hey two crows...I just noticed that the Senate office in Washington has stopped by to read my post on Reid. They didn't just click on, they actually stayed awhile. Hmmmm....I wonder who it is?

two crows said...

hi, Mary Ellen--
well, I don't think I'll need to call in any favors to make the weather perfect while your son is here. it'll do that all by itself.
we ARE due to get some rain [so they say] over the next day or 2 -- a very rare occurrence in winter -- and heaven knows we need it. we're in our 5th year of drought.
if he has the time, he could phone or drop by. I'd love to meet your son. especially if he's as wild- and- crazy as his mom! :)
and WOW, ME--
the Senate is sitting up and taking notice?
you must have hit a nerve! wonder how they got the word?
_I_ didn't mention you by name in my letter to them -- but maybe someone did?
anyhow, congrats-- you've obviously arrived!

how could you tell they visited you? I don't think my counter could be that specific.
or maybe it can but I just don't know how to read that data [a more likely scenario, actually].

an average patriot said...

two crows
The midwest seems to be getting beat. Here in western Mas we got a foot last night and another expected Saturday night and Sunday. It should make for an intweresting football game Sunday at 1:pm

TomCat said...

It's just a little damp up here in Portland.

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
yeah, the midwest and the northeast really got it. acourse, the aftermath can be just as bad -- or worse.

and, I just heard: the snow just keeps acomin. in fact, Mary Ellen seems to be getting it right now.
you are too, aren't you? now, THAT'S a big snowstorm!

two crows said...

hey, TC--
I was out today and it was like MO on that first day in spring when people are rolling down their windows, putting their tops down if they can and crankin up their radios. in MO that's always accompanied by crazy driving -- exuberance, I guess.

hey! I'm NOT gloating! just tellin it like it is. . .
and, well, the driving is ALWAYS crazy here.

we're supposed to get rain tomorrow which should usher in some winter -- around 40 degrees -- for a day or so.

Larry said...

Thanks Two Crows for gloating most of the nation into snow storms.

Now gloat them into 70 degree weather.

two crows said...

LOL Larry!!
I wish I DID have that kind of power!
I wouldn't have wasted it on something like the weather, tho. I would've gloated Bush, Cheney et al out of office and into Gitmo.
now THERE would be something to gloat about!
speaking of freak weather. we're getting a torrential rainstorm right now. and Fla NEVER has rain in the winter. we can sure use it now, tho. we've had drought for 5 years.

and I'm frantically digging out my old KC thermals in prep for the cold snap they've promised us.

Distributorcap said...

well the storm is here in the Big Apple (who still hates rudy)..

as i look out the window it is raining, sleeting, ice pellets and snow all at the same time. in other words a mess..... but the midwest has definitely had it worse.

might be the day to stay in and make xmas cookies or something warm.

PoliShifter said...

I keep hearing more about these storms...

A news guy on the radio said it's ranking in the top 5 of all time

two crows said...

oh distributorcap--
stay indoors and stay warm---

ohmigosh, Poli--
I hadn't heard that -- tho, given the intensity, I'm not surprised.
acourse, this is exactly the scenario the global- warming- predictors were talking about 15 years ago and more.

so, the gov't will order yet another test to see if global warming is happening. then they'll trot out the nay-sayers to soothe us and keep the oil and coal burning and keep the gov't muzzled while the corporations belch carbon and methane all over us.

TomCat said...

Well, TC, you will have summer heat and himmicane (politically correct designation) season coming up. ;-)

two crows said...

hi TC--
well, as far as hurricanes, we're on our own down here.
but as far as summer heat goes -- FL doesn't hold a candle to MO. it gets WAY hotter and more humid up there than it does here. go figure----