January 11, 2008

BTW-- Maxine's got something for you over at Scattershot Thoughts. :)


an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! You made me look up Maxine since I have a rare moment because her cartoons are funny and I always wondered where they came from. There are some pretty funny links. Anyway I thought you might get a kick out of these Hallmark ecards

two crows said...

thanx AAP--
I'll check out that link.

have been crazy-busy here and probably will remain so. spending less and less time at the computer these days.
it finally dawned on me on me-- WHY did I spend 5 agonizing years to get down here if I was just gonna sit at the puter all day? I could've done that in KC!
besides, reading the news and blogging all day were resulting in a creeping bout of depression. I've cut back on the blogs in self-defense.

so, I've taken to spending my days outside in the sunshine where I belong. :) what's gonna happen is gonna happen whether I write about it or
not. . . .

LET'S TALK said...

Hi two crows, I did not know you had another blog or is that the private one?

I was just stopping by to see if I could get your honest opinion on my latest post at Lets Talk.

It's about Edwards and how I've come to feel about him. I do promise to do a story on both Obama and Hillary soon.

I do not what it is about Florida, but since my trip to Orlando, I've been somewhat lazy and trying to relax more than I normally do.

two crows said...

g'morning LT--
nope, Scattershot Thoughts isn't private. I use it as recess for the soul. I can only take so much angst and figure other people probably feel the same way.
please do check it out occasionally -- :)

I'll take a look at Let's Talk and post a comment there.

as to the aftermath of your Florida trip -- it's pretty amazing, huh? we call it 'Florida Time'.
somehow, circumstances just don't seem as pressing down here. at least I know that's been true for me so far. and-- may it continue! :)

Mary Ellen said...

two crows- I hear ya on the blogging.I was going crazy trying to figure out what to write on my blog today. Not that there isn't any news, but sometimes I just get so depressed.

Grab that sunshine, I wish I had some here. It's only January and I'm so fed up with winter already. It's not that there is that much snow now, but I hate the cold.

two crows said...

hey, Mary Ellen--
I was extremeby depressed till I saw your post tonight and Hillary's vids. she fired me up again -- I was feeling all hopeless and lost till I heard her spell out stuff she'll do. [hope she follows through.

thanx for those.
as for sunshine -- well, it's been SUNNY enough lately but that cold air the upper 47 sent us was NOT welcome!
it's amazing how fast one becomes acclimated down here. my cuz TOLD me 60 in Jan would feel cold after I'd been here a while. I didn't really believe him and certainly didn't expect it to happen during my FIRST January! but here I am huddled over the space heater when it's 61 outside.
go figure--- :)