February 1, 2008

Daisy, Daisy

Tonight I saw, for the second time, a TV program that mentioned the bicycle/electricity generator. This time, I noted the name of the company featured on the show. It's called Working Bikes Cooperative. So, I got online and took a look at it.

It's based in Chicago but the website didn't mention the generators. Its primary purpose is to recycle bikes that are donated to it and ship them to 3rd world countries primarily, I guess, for transportation. Or, maybe they've branched out into the generators since the last time they updated their website. It looks to be run on a shoestring so updates may be rare.

They sell bikes locally in order to finance the donation activities. So, my thought of buying my generator from that company flew out the window. Still, I thought I'd mention it here so that folks in the area can check em out if they want to. So, if you live in the Chicago area and are in the market for an inexpensive bike, this might be a great place to pick one up.
Here's their website in case you're interested.


Mary Ellen said...

I'm not in the market for any more bikes, but I wish I would have known that they could use bikes for donations. I just got rid of a couple of bikes last summer that were in my basement. When my kids moved out, they left their bikes behind and said to get rid of them. I'll have to rummage around down there and see if there are any more of them.

two crows said...

thanx, ME--
I particularly thought of you when I posted this.
mebbe you could spread the word locally about this place?
fwiw-- at the website they urge people to visit in the winter when their stocks for sale are highest.
they also offer bike workshops where folks can use their tools and get advice.

LET'S TALK said...

I've given away so many bike that I don't want to see anymore.

My youngest son is now ready for a car, so the bike thing is in the past.

I wish I had known about this organization before now.

FranIAm said...

Interesting! Thanks for this post, I am not in Chicago, but I will forward this to others who are!

an average patriot said...

two crows
You will find something here. I see peddling your electricicy at $38 per year. I'm going to look around myself. peddle power electricity

an average patriot said...

two crows
Give the first link a peruse. Dave Butcher has quite a wealth of knowledge. It's inexpensive too. Toaster, feeling energetic, washing machine, you name it.

two crows said...

hi, Larry--
ain't that always the way?
we get this sort of info just _after_ we no longer need it. rrrrrgghhhhh!
thanx, Fran--
that's what blogging's all about, imo. info one can't use can be passed on to those who can. so we build community. :)
thanks, AAP--
for the link to the peddle-power site-- I'll check it out
now, if I could only figure out how to make those links in the comments section! that STILL escapes me.
sorry it took me so long to get back here. I was out with friends today and one of them had such a severe panic attack I thought she was having a stroke.
so, I spent the day with her and her family.
luckily, it WASN'T a stroke and she's ok now. but, it was pretty scary while it was happening.

Mary Ellen said...

two crows- Wow...hope your friend is ok.

I'll certainly spread that info. In fact, there is a subdivision newspaper that goes out once a month, I'll forward to the person who can put it in there. Thanks.

two crows said...

thanks for the good wishes, Mary Ellen. we're probably going to be taking my friend to the hospital tomorrow just to be safe.

and thanks for passing on this info. org's like this deserve all the help we can give em.

are you still snowed in?